Extended Quality /Extended Quality Check /Premium Service /Export

Hey Guys,

i’m barely new here in this forum and read something around here if i repeat someones suggest, im sorry for that :slight_smile:

Extended Quality:

My idea for an Extended quality is like leveling up your OWN crafts… that means if you produce your own Parts like roof, doorpanels e.g. you can level up your quality of your parts that you build in your cars . You also can choose what quality level your Stations have to produce, so in one line you can build high quality cars (more expensive) and the cars with lower quality parts (cheaper).Or you design your cars with the qualitylevel parts to build them in one PL.

Extended QC:

How would it be if you can get Extendet qualitycheck - its like a rainchamber, a freezing chamber to extend your quality checks - (You can choose it by your own if you want to offer that) also you can set a rythm like "every 10 car"gets extra QC to check your Quality

Premium Service:

The customers can configure their cars by their own , you have an new UI with all the Orders with details like engine, colour and extra stuff -you also can set an basic car with basic features and the coustumers can extend how they like their car.

Export :

You Produce Parts and you can set an amount to export for Aftermarket if you sell a lot the Prices for this part will fall , if the volume on the market is low the Prices will rise so you can earn some extra money

I hope you can understand my suggestions may my english isnt that well

Best Regards and Happy Producing


Hey thanks fore the suggestion. I agree that much could be made of the QA part of the game. I definitely want to introduce a decent concept of quality that you can use to boost sales, and the option for you to have a better (or worse) QA system in place. Strangely, when its listed as a development priority, it gets fairly poor votes compared to other stuff, but I still intend to find time during development to expand this part of the game.

I certainly think this would add a dynamic to the game.

I think it would be good to have a random QA check at any point in the production line, so that every RAND(1-N) car is picked out of the production line, ran through QA and then slotted back in.

or perhaps intermediate QA sections, so once the body has been fitted, it must go through QA, after the engine is installed… etc, then one overall QA at the end before export.