Extra Content

This may be a stupid question but how do I download extra stuff for this game?

click internet updates on the main screen. then click the refresh button. you will see a list of items. Click on download to get each one. With some of them you need the whole group for it to work. They are then added to the game automatically.

Hmm I get an “IERROR: Internet: Httpsendrequesst()failed”

That is with this forum open which I came back to after the failing so I know the connection is good.

ooh, strange. what O/S and what firewall have you got?

Windows XP. I disable everything using MSCONFIG except essentials and still get the messageI am baffled.

is the windows firewall turned on perhaps? Your the only person I know of with this issue so far, is there anything unusal about your setup? Do you have access to another PC to try it from maybe?

Nope. Double checked and it is off and just to be extra sure lowered the internet security setting to the lowest setting. Curiously enough I can clikc the community button and get to the forum fine.

Must be aliens in my alienware.

Clicking on the Refresh button in Internet Updates locks up the game, Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn’t work and I have to push the Reset button on my computer. I actually got Refresh to work before but can’t remember how I did it. New bug of just internet problems?

that code hasnt changed since the first version. if you are going to click refresh, make sure you are in windowed mode first (alt+Enter) (the tooltip suggests this), that way if you get a firewall message, you will be able to see it, and allow the game to connect.

I get the IERROR: Internet: Httpsendrequesst()failed error. I have Windows XP SP2 and the ZoneAlarm firewall on. Windows firewall is off.

does it trigger the firewall and ask you to ok it? it should do.

No it doesn’t ask to ok anything

Try checking it in windowed mode

Zone alarm doesn’t work well when it’s in full screen mode :frowning:

Disabling everything in the Windows Task Manager except Explorer finally fixed my problem. Thanks for all the help! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, probably because i’m playing behind a very restrictive firewall…

Is it possible to have the files in a download section?


Donm’t know if this will work for everyone but I was having this problem and finally stumbled into a solution. I was starting up without my Norton Internet Security loaded figuring I would avoid the conflicts. Then I did it with it loaded, gave it permission at which point it froze. I then exited and disabled Norton but left it loaded and restarted the game and it worked fine.

Yeah - Norton’s, ay? I gave up on it a few months ago and have had many less crashes and stuff since. It seems to affect all sorts of software.

I’m also not convinced by nortons stuff. I use Zone Alarm, (free) and Windows Defender from microsoft (free). I also have a free anti-virus program, and a separate hardware router which blocks most stuff.
Some antivirus programs can be a real pain, scanning every file thats accessed, which can slow down game load times. As long as you avoid dodgy websites, dont use Internet Explorer, and dont open attachments in email from someone you don’t know, you should be ok.

Yeah - I’m using the Trend Micro stuff. My dad has it on his PC and it works well, so I changed to it. From what I have heard, Norton’s can be a right pain for anyone.