Extra Modules to fill the gaps...

Something that is relatively trivial to add to the game is extra modules of existing types. For example, extra frigate crew module options, or power plant options.
I know sometimes there are situations where you find you want a crew/power/engine module that is bigger than X but less than Y.

I also think there are interesting possibilities to add variants of modules that make sacrifices in one direction to boost another. For example, there is only one cruiser ECM shock module. Would it make sense to have one with longer range but a lower ECM warhead? or maybe a more expensive one that has lower power requirements?

I think there is scope for a lot of variety to be added along such lines, but I’m interested to hear peoples suggestions of module stats-compromises that they make but wish they didn’t have to if only they could unlock new module type ‘X’ :smiley:

I’d like to get a bunch of variants added into the next patch, and maybe even some fun totally new stuff.

Random ideas for new modules, say yay or nay :smiley:

  1. Regenerative armor, worse than normal armor, but very slowly regenerates.
  2. Subspace Armor. worse than normal armor, but has zero weight, as its mass is kept in subspace :smiley:
  3. Shield tunneling beam. Whilst active, it reduces the shield resistance of the target.
  4. Tractor Drag beam. Grabs enemy fighters/gunships and actively drags them closer to your ship.
  5. Anti-mass generator. Makes the entire ship lighter by X%.
  6. Hyperspace Anchor beam. Whilst active, it locks the target ship in a fixed position.

Any faves? :smiley:

Nah. Armor lasts all of 2 seconds once shields go down. I doubt anyone would use this.

Kind of like an extreme version of Powered Armor? Might have some applications.

That would be an interesting option for Frigate/Destroyers. Something that works in a similar manner to the current Support Beams, but targeting hostiles instead of friendlies? It would have to be long-range to be worth using, though. Any range less than 800 means the ship mounting it would just get shredded by Pulse Cannons before it did any good.
Maybe something that reduces the Shield Resistance of the target by 1.00 as long as the beam is on? That way you have to have multiple ships fielded to get through Cruiser shields, but it gives people a little more of a reason to take Frigates/Destroyers. Should probably have high power requirements, too.

Maaaaaybe, but that could actually be counterproductive if it drags ships inside the minimum range of your weapons. Maybe play around with that one before you spring it on the unsuspecting public. :slight_smile:

That could be fun. :slight_smile:

So like a Tractor Beam, but infinitely more powerful? That doesn’t sound broken AT ALL.

well I’m thinking more of frigates.destroyers there. Current tractor beams are useful only on fighters. I’m thinking of something you deploy to stop enemy cruisers limping away from you? Maybe not :smiley:
I’m after stuff that could be expensive to unlock, costly to buy, and maybe race/ship class specific, to add to the variety.

Makes sense. The “Tractor Drag Beam” sounds like it might be a good Kraugerisk weapon. Humans and Kraugerisk are the two races with no “unique” tractor beams yet, right?

  1. Subspace Armor: meh
    -For Frigates and Destroyers only. Armor should be full-strength, but use power. (armor is pointless on Frigates atm)

  2. Shield Tunneling: Nay Nay Nay
    -There are too many ways this can break the game – don’t do it.

  3. Drag Beam: meh
    -Its OK, but it probably wont break anything either.

Everything else Nay.

I can see the appeal of new Crew and Power modules for Frigates, but I strongly believe that we should not add any right now and stick to balancing what we have. Save them for future Racial additions. The Swarm crew podule and Outcast power podule leap to mind. I know you want more new stuff Cliffski, but save them for future DLCs!

If you really want new podules… this is what Frigates need:

Ion Cannon
“The Ion Cannon 9000 series is loved by Frigate and Destroyer captains all over the galaxy for its dependable damage to shields and its fully 'interactive’ instruction manual.”
Anti-Shield, Anti-Hull
Shield Pen: 23
Armor Pen: 4
Range Max: 650
Range Min: 150
Tracking: 1.50
Reload: 1000 (+10x3 for volley)
Damage: 5 (3 shot volley)
Shield DPS (50%): 7.28
Armor DPS (70%): 10.19
Hull DPS (100%): 14.56

Ahhhh, how racial distinctiveness would benefit from added unique modules and weapons! :slight_smile:

While items created to split the difference between existing podules (or to introduce new dynamics) would be fun, I can’t help but have thoughts generally similar to these instead:

I strongly agree with Alekan. Cliff, there is already a months-old abundance of things which seriously need more balancing. Not perfect balance, of course [size=85](that way lies insanity)[/size], but enough to prevent numerous items/hulls from variously remaining as useless deadwood, overpriced “hangar queens”, or weakly-penalized mega-modules. Having such ineffective or super-effective things in the gameplay is much more of a problem than having the newly-proposed podules not in the gameplay.

We even have an entire class of hulls (frigates) that are openly - and accurately - derided as borderline useless due to their inability to draw blood against bigger ships and also do it on a financially-sound basis. Let’s get such crises as those healed first, please, before we break [size=110]any[/size] new ground with interesting podule abilities never seen in GSB1.

Good choice. I miss the frigate Ion Cannon. :frowning:
BTW, I’d reverse your chosen damage percentages currently assigned to Shield and Armor. I’d even take Armor damage down to 30%.