Faction-specific modules - there are more than you'd think

Something that’s been bothering me recently was my discovery of the extremely different properties of the Federation Fusion Beam. What bothers me aren’t the stats (though they are kinda OP - they make the Proton Beam look sick), but the fact that this weapon has no unique name. The Imperial Beam Laser at least carries exactly that name - but the Federation Fusion Beam is named simply the “Fusion Beam.” That makes its different stats easy to miss, particularly if the differences were less extreme. In fact, I’m now wondering how many modules are like this that I’ve never noticed - particularly since I play one faction almost exclusively, and only dabble in the others.

Suggestion: modules with the same name should have uniform stats across factions. Modules with different stats in different factions should be given unique names.

I agree on this.

i honestly didn’t know there were unique modules until i read about it on the forums, and i had used them multiple times. there are just too many items to compare, and no easy way to compare them side by side especially for racial specific items.

I agree, modules with common properties should have a common name, modules with side-specific properties a side-specific name.