Factory Statistics


Was thinking the other day, it would be a good idea to have a screen which gave a run down of the stats…

Such as:

In movement: X cars
In Body work: X cars
In Make Engine: X cars
In Paint: X Cars
In Accessories: X cars

Waiting for something in Body work: X cars
Waiting for something in Make Engine: X Cars
Waiting for something in Paint: X Cars
Waiting for something in Accessories: X cars

This would help identify bottlenecks in factories and also identify where lines need splitting down further, for example.

Oooh that sounds very interesting. I’ve already re-designed the efficiency screen to draw more attention to what I think are important (but not visually obvious) stats:

I could maybe enhance this to show more with an optional drag down or similar. hmmmm…

I do quite like the sound of that. Having the ability to work out what’s where would be useful.

Would it be possible to change that screen so that you could select a type of slot to look at the graph of? So let’s say undercoat so I could see the usage of the undercoat stations? I know you can do it if you click on each individual one but sometimes it would be nice to see all of one type.