***Failed to Create Jpg Surface***

I dont usually write on forums, so if I sound dumb, I’m sorry…
I just bought Kudos and I have installed it… As soon as the game loads, it just shows a black screen that says please contact tech support: [failed to create jpg surface]
I have emailed a couple of tech supports, and still cannot resolve the problem! Was hoping I could find some help here!

Thanks for everything!


either a video card that cannot handle the game (possible but unlikely) or you need to do this:


Thanks for the help, I tried that, but there is no video card listed?
When I click on Properties, it says VgaSave. ? I own a modified computer, that was made by some guy… so I’m not sure what’s in my computer. But it definately seems like I dont have a video card?.. Although I dont understand how I can play any other game on my computer other than this one :S

Thanks for the reply.


Have a read of this page

It might give you some help / answers.