Failed to find exp_cruiser_plumecenter

Any time one of my nomad cruisers explodes, the game crashes with this error. I’ve tried reinstalling from scratch a few times to no avail. In case it matters, this is V1.49 with tribe, nomads, order, and the campaign update.

I tested with federation and no error with them …

Hi, have you patched the game from a very old version to a new one? This is sometimes causing some problems, so you need to re-download the full installer and use that instead, to ensure there are no missing files. I just re-sent you your full downlaod link.

Yep, that did the trick. Thanks!

I figured to resurrect an old thread rather than start a new one–I just installed several new races and the campaign, and now I get the identical crash message whenever certain cruisers blow up. I got my installer in early February 2010. Could this fix work for me?


please email using the email address you used to buy the game, and I can re-send your link (assuming you bought direct)

My brother bought it for me direct from you (along with the Tribes DLC) as a gift, however he thoughtfully provided me with copies of all the purchase details and emails. I will send you what I have when I get home. If necessary I can ask him to email you directly, as well.


Worked perfectly. Many thanks!