Failed to initialize 3D engine

Game is unable to start I am getting this error:


Welcome to the forums magnator

Few questions to help us help you:

  • how are you running GTB (Steam, stand alone, graphics, configuration, etc)
  • are there any hints with the debug files (\GratuitousTankBattles\debug)

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card, and that you are running on a monitor with a screen height of at least 768 pixels.

OK I think I get it.
I run the game on Steam. Unfortunately I couldn’t find debug files.
But I figure out the problem.
When I play the game with my external monitor (1920x1080) which is set as primary, the game works. After unplug the monitor, my laptop monitor is 1366x768, the game gives that error. I think it is because of the game settings.
I hope you solve this problem soon, cuz I cannot always use my external screen :slight_smile: