fair pilot/budget ratio

what do u think is a good pilot/budget ratio for balanced fleets?

  • 100-/pilot
  • 100-300/pilot
  • 300-500/pilot
  • 500-700/pilot
  • 700-1000/pilot
  • 1000-1400/pilot
  • 1400-1700/pilot
  • 1700-2000/pilot
  • 2000-3000/pilot
  • 3000+/pilot

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challenges with 1000000 pilots and 10000 budget (not that thats possible) are practically begging for fighter spam

inversely: challenges with 10 pilots and 100000 budget (i thinks that IS possible) are practically begging for cruiser spam

to encourage a balanced fleet, we need a balanced pilot/budget ratio in which if you spam cruisers u run out of budget fast and if u spam fighters u run out of pilots fast

what do everyone think that budget is?

please vote and post ur exact thought here :slight_smile:



I kinda like points of over 3000 per pilot. It changes ship building from being about making ‘efficient’ cruisers to making the best possible cruisers you can with the modules you have. Different numbers are also good, but I do enjoy ultimate cruiser competition.

Keep in mind that the “Sweet spot” you seek encourages frigates…

3000/pilot is RIDICULOUS. Your entire fleet should not be composed of cruisers.

Between the first SAC and Defending Sirius.

Have to keep this quick as I’m at work…

If a balanced fleet is the objective, why not start out with what that would look like and work backwards?

Say, for example, that a balanced small battle group might consist of one cruiser (rough cost 2700), two frigates (rough cost 1300) and eight fighters (rough cost seven hundred). That’s a total of 4700 credits for eleven pilots, which works out as 427 points per pilot. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what I voted for :wink:

I very much agree with the above mentioned … I will continue to monitor the

Well, if you think about it, pushing the cost per pilot down causes frigates then fighters to be the most pilot cost effective, but pushing it too high means cruisers are probably the best bet. I thus say that around 1500 is good, as this allows you to build with out skimping on your cruisers, but doesnt allow too much fighter spam.