I modded the game a little - I added some real-life venues with much larger capacities. The problem is that I can’t get anything like a decent turn out because the amount of fame you can get is locked at a maximum of 500.

Is this hard coded? because I don’t see it in any config files. Or is the poor turnout for some other reason?


I’m afraid it is hard coded :frowning:

enum { MAXFAME = 500 };

Agh, that’s too bad. I wanted to add Wembley and a few other places to the game.
Still, a decent game that’s good fun.
Any chance you could build a version without the limit? :wink: I can provide my order number etc…

On a huge list of things to do right now…

Why is there a maximum amount of fame you can reach? You should definitely change this, any update to you changing it?

I agree; also you can’t know what max fame is before reaching it so “fame: 85” for example makes no sense you can’t imagine how famous you are :slight_smile: