I’m not sure where to post this, but I just bought a domain to host a Production-Line fansite!

My intention with the fansite is the following:

  • Host a wiki
  • Host a community-forum (similar like this, but more extended)
  • MOD-sharing*
  • Strategy guides*

*Are planned for the future.

Please post your ideas for a fansite and I’ll try to add them :slight_smile:
When things are ready I’ll post the URL.

I woud like to help you with the wiki.

The forum isnt needed i think, Modsharing woud be awesome! Something like Nexus or w/e.
Strategy Guides are part of the forum, so maybe add the forum no idea.

I’m offering a very low visited discord if you like to join…

A Gallery woud be nice to have to view some screenshots and so on.

I created a wiki and it’s online. However it is still locked since it needs some “basements”. I am not able to make this base alone, so if anyone is interested in helping me setting up the wiki please contact me :slight_smile: