Farmers and Captialists

In the game whenever you abolish any farmer friendly policy e.g Arigcultare Subsidies. They still stay the same. Isnt this wrong as if all subsidies were abolished wouldnt the amount of farmers fall?

Also how can you increase the amount of captialists as i did a market friendly government and the captialists gave me full support but they neve grew and that really annoyed me.

In the same vain… I have a small glith with my religious group. They rate has been “falling” for a very long time (easely 10 elections), and yet their number stays exactly the same: 1256, or 0,18%.

Well I don’t think you’d ever wipe out a specific group. Every form of thought is still going to stick around even if it’s not mainstream anymore…

then, it should state it’s “steady”, not “falling”