Faults in quality check


So Cliffski was talking about adding faults/errors to cars to the quality check to find,
a way to implement this is by adding “Cutting Corners”.
What if, at several assembly stations make so you could push the assembly time.

decrease assembly time by 2.5% the margin of faults increase with 0.1%
decrease assembly time by 5% the margin of faults increase with 0.2%
decrease assembly time by 7.5% the margin of faults increase with 0.3%
decrease assembly time by 10% the margin of faults increase with 0.4%

With several assembly stations having this option you could have several faults to a car at the same time.

Oooh thats an interesting idea. So if I understand correctly, you are suggesting that in a case where you identify a bottleneck that doesn’t have an easy fix, you can choose to lower standards at that slot and thus make up the time?
I like that :smiley:

I wouldn’t be able to put that in without coding a general system first for evaluating the quality of cars and feeding that into the market price, and I think the whole ‘market price’ part of the game needs some evaluation and discussion before then anyway…but I do like the idea.

Exactly, then between qualitystation and exportstation, cars that did not pass the inspection have to make a detour to a penaltystation where they need to fix all faults before they can go to the exportstation. And cars with no faults can go direct to exportstation.

Or have the cars that did not pass inspection go to the repair station, but then needs to be looped back through a quality station, to ensure the repairs were done correctly.

I’d say this is the better idea because surely that’s what would happen on a real production line?!

Potentially you could have multiple quality stations on the line, and the amount of time taken per vehicle depends on how much has already been checked on it? That seems more realistic to me.

I’ve always planned on having little ‘QA’ stations that would check for a fault and potentially find (and fix ) faults much quicker than relying on the final QA. Its just not something thats been coded yet. I do like the idea of ‘area of effect’ for stuff like this, as it makes line-layout more interesting. Effectively a bunch of buys with clipboards who keep an eye on the 3 or 4 nearby production slots and prevent (most of) the defects going in.