Faulty account registration and updating bug

Hi, bought this game 5ish days ago.

After that, a patch was released, and when i click update, 1 of 2 things happens. No progress bar appears and the game does nothing forever (alt-F4 and restart doesn’t launch the game anymore). Or it downloads the update, restarts it, a progress bar appears with 0% in it, i don’t see that move, the game tries to launch but never manages it (the loading circle appears and then says the game is not responding). I’ve seen other people posting update issues, but I haven’t found a fix that works for me (disabling antivirus, running as admin, re downloading from my purchase order’s download link).
Any other advice that I haven’t listed above? I’d post error logs if there was a sticky listing where to find them.

Also, I tried registering an account with 2 different emails, but the confirmation hadn’t gone to either of them after a few hours time. Is there a much longer then usual waiting period for the emails to go out, or something wrong with the server? I know that i put in the right emails.

Thanks for any help you can give.