Favor to ask.

I’m currently working on a bunch of jobs at the moment. They are US Marine Corps “jobs”. Anyway. I’m far from an artist and was wondering if any of you that are wouldn’t mind doing me a favor and making a file or two for me.

I’m sure I could just use one of the files there already, but it would be so much better to have these as well.

I’m going to need a jobs_military.bmp for the job category. I could probably muster something up for that. But it needs to be similar to the other job category icons.

I’ll probably have some "classes"specifically for military as well, so a icon_military.bmp would be nice too. It could be the same as the job category one just bigger. 43x43 as opposed to the 32x32 for the job category.

Here’s the “hard” one. I’m going to need a joboffer_military.bmp for when they come and offer you a job. It’d be nice to have one of a male and female in military camo’s.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. If not… well, I’ll make do with the icons there or some lame mess I come up with. LoL!

Update on the Marines Mod… I’m currently trying to figure out a good way for promotion. Kinda stuck on requirements. Also, kinda seems like I’m going to have to make it that you just have to go look for a job for every ranks. Anyway. Still working on it.

I’m not American so apologies if this list is incorrect.


Private First Class
Lance Corporal
Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Master Gunnery Sergeant


2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
Assistant Commandant

Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer [4 ranks, different numbers of bars and squares] [prereq]prior enlisted
No promotion after attaining rank 4

To earn promotion just have it so that you have reached a pre-determined level on a previous rank.

Lots of scope for you :unamused: :laughing: :open_mouth:

Knowing the ranks ins’t the issue. :laughing: I spent a good 10 years in the Marine Corps. Thanks though. The issue is how to work what’s required for being able to move up. I mean. I thought of adding a “xp_military” and just make it add real slow, but what i forsee is someone finding a reasonable pay, and just keeping it till they max out the xp and then jumping ranks. lol. Working on how to stop that from happening.

What about an xp-decay that starts pretty bad but decreases rank after rank? Then it means first ranks nearly need no xp but give nearly none, while the more you move up, the more xp you get but the more it takes.

So if you stick at lvl1 until you’re 100% xp, you’d have to wait for a loooong time, while if you got up one level after one level as soon as you can, you keep a pretty stable rythm…

I’ve not even looked at modding so far, so my suggestion could be very far far out of relevance… but who knows if it might not hit right the good point :smiley:

I have created three new industries so far, and so of course had to add a couple of new “job offer” pics.

The industry icons and jobs_blahblah bmps are pretty simple - I download free black and white clip art, open in paint, click “image” and then “invert colors” to make it white on black.

As far as the job offer pics, the specific one I’m thinking of that I did was a cowboy who gives me all of my equine jobs. (Seemed logical to me at the time…lol) It isn’t TOO far off from the rest of the joboffer bmp, but certainly not the same. I simply took a cowboy picture that was already near the size, resized it a bit in paint to match the image attributes of the ones already in the bitmaps folder and viola! jobofferquine bmp in less than 3 minutes.

so i guess i am the new person, but how do you add industries and jobs?