FCMS wallpapers and offical recruitment thread ;)

what is FCMS?

well its the Friendly Community Mod Squad of course!

here you can also apply to join up :smiley:

heres a wallpaper i did because of boredom…

and heres the large one http://img683.imageshack.us/f/fcms.jpg/

feel free to post your own FCMS or other GSB Wallpapers :slight_smile:

I wish i was as talanted when i am bored . . .


actually this was easy.

posed a couple of fighters in sketchup, cut away the purple backround, found a nice space backdrop and added engine effects.

ah, but the hard part is drawing in sketchup . .
(havn’t used that program - wouldn’t know where to begin.)
I think i will stick to chop shopping …

suit yourself ^^

I will ^^

you did :open_mouth:

of course :slight_smile:


I really like every image in this post ^^

EDIT: just one thing, i can make a better title for the image, seems like the actual title font is not so awesome as the image ^^
Do you want it?

I might just have a go at this… I’ll post by next week (you just know that it’ll be epic)…

shure, why not? afterall, this is the friendly community :slight_smile:

Ok, have you watched my “epic music videos”? I’m talking about the glowing font, what color you want?

Hmmpf, nice work, but i think the ships looks a bit “cartooned” if i need to say something. Wat render do u use ponyus? cant u make the ships to appear more “realistic”? .

its exported directly from sketchup. if you could recomend another option, id like to try it :slight_smile:

Since u have amazing skills on sketch up, u should try a render engine, the problem is that rendering programs are very expensive xD. U can try “Kerkythea” that is free and is maybe the most common free engine used by modelers. I actually use VRAY, that is maybe the best engine available, but it isnt free. U will need time to adjust the rendering values, but im sure u will learn fast xD. BTW there are plenty of VRAY tutorials around, and same for kerkythea. Your models rendered with a rendering engine will look just awesome, i really encourage u to try!! -.-. That is if u want realistic renderers, with emissive materials, lights, etc. U can make, for example, power generators emiting light, or reflecting surfaces, that will make your ships even more stunning -.-

That’s a very helpful tip - thanks for mentioning it.

i tried Kerkythea.

here is the model, exported directly from sketchup.

and here it is rendered in Kerkythea.

which is better?

Sketchup, but only because of the simplicity/low poly-ness of your model… Using render engines is only beneficial when you are using more complex models (with well positioned lighting).

BTW, I like the idea of these wallpapers to help publicize the F.C.M.S. Cool stuff, ponyus.

I’m somewhat surprised at the outcome, and I find I have to agree with Randy. I thought that Kerkythea would do a better job of this, but I now learn that it’s highly dependent upon the source material.

So…have any of you attempted to create a hull model involving not only multiple faceted surfaces and the resulting angles where they meet, but also including multiple, moderately complex curves extending from front to back as well as across the ship’s width? I’m contemplating such, and if it’s going to be sheer hell to model, let alone make a quality render from the model, I may as well not even bother. The intersecting slopes and curves have to allow for convincing lighting effects to cast just enough shadows to make it all the details look good when viewed from the top down (a polar-projection view), regardless of the size or the fine-scale complexity of the details.

Here’s my goal:

Many areas of the hull will be smooth and featureless, with the only details being areas of different colors. However, other areas will be antenna masts, housings for communications arrays & steering thrusters, external weapon turrets, gunports for internally-mounted weapons, and a tall armored tower containing the ship’s bridge and more antennas & radar dishes.

Difficulty level: I’ve never used either kind of software before. Advice would be appreciated, please.

I’ve modeled a few different things with a few different programs before. Some have bevel tools and such to make edges curved or otherwise changed, but I don’t know of sketchup has such a tool, or even a plugin that will let you do that.