[FEATURE REQUEST 1.128] UI scaling

I’m on a laptop with a high resolution screen. The text is very small for me. Can I get an option to scale it up without dropping the resolution). I did try lowering the resolution in game to work around it in the meantime, but that result in other issues (see https://forums.positech.co.uk/t/bug-1-128-changing-screen-resolution-results-in-tiny-window-oversized-window-bad-mouse-mappings/)

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I’m a couch gamer, I play on a 65" TV in 4k and the text is way too small for me. Having huge issues to launch the game because of it, actually.



Yeah, same thing for the Surface Pro 7: 2736 x 1824 on a 12,3" screen. The text is way too small.

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