Feature request: ability to pin/tag/highlight laws you want to keep an eye on

As the title says… it’d be awesome if you could select a few items to be highlighted so you can monitor them more easily. This monitoring would ideally put the item at the top of lists of causes/effects, turn the icon for it a different color, and not move from its location / be a different color on the main screen.

Example: I decide I want to get my environment stat to max. So when I click around the policies I have in place, I don’t have to scroll down the list of causes/effects to get to “The Environment”; instead, it’s at the top of the list / is highlighted so I can see it easily. The Environment icon on the main menu also is in one place, stays there, and is a different instead of blue so I can find it easily.

This would save players from going “I want to increase equality, how do I do that?” and scrolling through all their current laws, seeing which ones bring it up/down and by how much.

Yes, you can do this by clicking on Equality and filtering by strength, but sometimes it can be hard to find the icon, especially when it moves around.