Feature Request: Analyzer Auto-Shutoff

I was wondering if the Analyzer could be made to automatically stop accepting input when the effects and side effects of the drug it is researching have been fully analyzed? It is very easy to forget about anaylzers, especially with the way they often take so long to do their job, and I don’t want to have to worry about them devouring my profits once they are done working.

It’s a good idea, IF they add a machine to just destroy drugs.

Right now a lot of people are using the Analyzer to vaporize sugar-pill drugs (drugs without any active medicines).

Tim could add a toggle or check box to switch modes from Analyzer to Incinerator. I agree with the OP ether stop accepting items or pause the game.

Why would there be sugar pills in need of vaporizing?

Well, not actual pills, but often there are useless drugs created in centrifuge reactions, since you want to put all of the good effects in one drug and all of the bad ones in the other.

Oh, haha.

I’ve played for like a month now and I’ve never even unlocked that machine.

Almost done mastering every level, though.