[Feature Request] Do not pause windowed game

If I have the game running in windowed mode, I’d like to be able to run it while browsing etc. I can understand pausing if someone alt-tabs out of the game, but since it’s more of a casual type game that requires no interaction when the action happens, I’d like to be able to run it while doing other things.

It is still worth having a pause feature that involved a keypress though.

i’d very much like the game to continue when not focused… this is what i have two monitors for! :slight_smile:

It would be nice since the battle can be quite long and are not really interactive.

I tend to play my “casual” games in windowed mode with an browser, vlc, msn & co running and currently it’s not really dooable with GSB.

I’ll fourth the sentiment. This would be great.

You have my vote.

I too want the game to keep running when it loses focus.

If possible, I’d like this one added as well.

I suppose it would be worth mentioning having a pause feature as well. I can’t remember if you can slow it down to 0x or not. Even so, hitting P (or something) should pause and unpause the game.

Yes please!

There’s definitely a pause button there. I’m not sure if the P key is tied to it or not, though.

This is the NUMBER ONE feature I want, and the second I realized that losing focus caused it to pause I was fairly disappointed.

This would be an awesome game to spend a few minutes minmaxxing and strategizing, then let it run (paying more or less attention as I see fit) while I browse, do email and work on my other monitor. The ability to zoom out further would be appreciated too, but the ability to run battles while doing something else, even watching something else on the same computer would really be the difference between a brief diversion, and serious staying power as a game.

I shall try and look into this. It could either be complete hell, or trivial.

edit: Well that was easy. The game is running as I type this :smiley:
I’ll add it as an option under the handily titled ‘options’ page, probably defaulting to ‘off’ because it might irritate people otherwise.
It will be in the next version.
In fact even as I type this, it’s really cool already :smiley:

Thank you! :smiley:

Now I can’t wait till the next patch…

Wouhou !

Thank you.