Feature request/info: new voter types

Hi Cliff,

Great work on all the modding info. I have been trying to make an Evil mod,
with policies designed to instill fear in the populace, repress any dissent, and
“re-educate” ordinary citizens into loyal party members, etc.

Ideally, I would like to add new voter types, Party Members or Terrified Citizens,
and while I found it possible to directly add new lines to the votertypes.csv file,
unfortunately they appeared underneath the Popularity bar, and the central panel
didn’t resize as I had hoped it might.

Is this something that might be supported? I’d really like to keep the existing types
rather than replace them, if possible.


  • eVil

Unfortunately the limit here really is the GUI. I know it would be theoretically possible, but imagine people playing on 1024x768 resolutions, there isn’t much room for icons as it is :frowning: