[Feature Request] (Multiple)

Most of this is information based, and (relatively) easy. Some of it is probably quite a bit harder than it seems. No reason not to suggest it anyway ;-).

If I load up a ship and begin to edit it, I would like some sort of before and after for the stats. Maybe in the windows they are already in, except have 2 values displayed, separated by a “-”, BeforeNumber - AfterNumber.

More information in the battle screen. When I click on a ship, I want to know it’s intended destination. When I click on a ship’s turret, I want to know it’s target. I want to be able to see a ship’s orders (I have probably forgot, especially if I’m playing with a saved formation). For that matter, how about to ability to display the information in a second window while in windowed mode. Or (much more ambitious) on a second monitor if I have one. Possibly open multiple windows in windowed mode to watch different parts of the battle (or make it do this in multi-monitor mode on a 2nd monitor). A nice (large) readout of all the ship’s module’s info (remaining HP, target, ships killed, total damage dealt so far) would be very pleasing. Obviously, the extra windows would also need the main window to not pause the battle when it looses focus.

More information in the after battle screen. Averages of all the different type of ship. Like, average remaining hull for all of my “Cruiser Type A.” Average life span of a ship type. Total damage dealt on a turret by turret basis. Total damage dealt on a weapon-type by weapon-type basis. The possibilities here are huge. After all, this game is all about information.

In the ship designer, how about the ability to see the stats on the yet-to-be-unlocked modules.

If any of this has already been suggested, I apologize. Please ignore me.

On that note, I love this game!