Feature request - smart intersection

I would like a way to have a conveyor or maybe a new slot type that I could place that would allow me to set rules between cars coming in and those going out. There would be one in feed slot and 3 out going. I could set a rule for every 10 cars coming in 5 go left 3 go straight and 2 go right or whatever I want. This would allow a finer control over car types that are produced. Especially in a mega sized factory.


Yup, I think quite few players have mentioned it. Its not as simple as it sounds, for boring tech reasons but it can obviously be done. I might include it in a priorities poll at some stage.

Tech explanation:
Cars in PL are intelligent, and route accordingly. This is the opposite of a game like factorio where stuff just goes along a pre-determined path. This is why factorio needs explicit ‘splitters’ and PL does not. You can thus have conveyor arrangements in PL that are impossible in Factorio, without using logic switches and splitters.

I think the easiest way for me to do it would be to have PL splitters effectively lie to the code as to what exits are available depending on the rules you set. So for a 50/50 splitter, it would say only the left path exists, until a car traveled through it, and then it would switch… hmmm…

What about a T or even an X intersection with a sensor.
You can adjust the settings and when the sensor detects a certain upgrade in the car that you have set, it will send the car to the path you also set.
Not sure how it’s called in computer language, but when programming PLC’s we called it if-then-else function.

with pretty much any junction it would be an AND gate, it depends on the conditions

If ( thepart = 1 AND thedestination = 1 ) { ; this is the gate logic
direction = 1 ; then allow the part through the bottom of the T junction
} Else {
direction = 0 ; the part continues through the top of the T junction

AND Gate truth table:
X | Y
0 | 0 = 0
0 | 1 = 0
1 | 0 = 0
1 | 1 = 1

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like the wheels are turning already. :slight_smile:

In addition to the suggestions already made, when I made a four way junction in my conveyor belt, I created a backlog as the cars moving up the intersection were filling the space, and the cars moving across could not move as they were blocked.

If you could add a “right of way” or a priority that the cars later in the production line had the priority at the junctions, that would allow for more intricate conveyor layouts.

I was experimenting with a figure of eight layout just to see how the mechanics of the game worked and ended up with a permanent backlog.