Federation Wolf Engine Weirdness (very minor)

the engineglows for the federation wolf frigate are at the bottom of the ship when they should be coming out of the engines!


i’ve first wondered about this too.

don’t know what you mean with bottom, but no one said that engines have to be in the pylons.
actually, when you zoom in close, you’ll see small exhausts exactly where the glow comes out.


what? that’s not what i’m talking about at all… i’m talking about all of the engineglow parts you see, the glows, the exhaust, everything. they’re not coming out of the supposed engine (shown in the hull .dds file). you know, the cylinder with the long blue light coming out of it, and the light being off when the engine dies. the engineglows aren’t coming out of the engines, when in every other fed ship, the engineglows come out of those cylinders. (the ones attached to the ship) with the wolf, the engineglows come out of the bottom of the ship, not the engines.