Feedback and suggestion.

I’ve played the game for a while, and noticed a few things about drug research. The first one is that a side effect can be in more than one drug, and that the concentration range in which it’s active is the same. I haven’t checked yet about removal issue but i think it’s likely the same.

For the cures the drug alleviates, it also happens that two drugs alleviates the same family of diseases, though it needed to get high end research and exploration (deep water) in order to have this happen. I haven’t checked about the concentration range about these yet, but i suppose they are the same.

I suggest that for the cures, when the active concentration ranges and the optimal ones are discovered through drug analysis that this data is visible in the “cures” tab. This would make the making of multi-desease cures a lot easier, since doing this can require to make a specific and quite complex assembly chain.