Feedback for Estonia

I recently created Estonia country mission mod, downloadable at
I would like to know whether it is playeble,and what should be modified or added to make it better.
I am also working on a Private Police Force policy(protection agencies,bounty hunters etc.)(and on some events related to it,eg.Protection Agency Clash).It may be a little radical and unlikely to be implemented in modern real countries,but it is a viable possibility, with a historical background(17-19th century england for example). Any suggestions what effects such policy could cause in game?It may be a more commercial/pro capitalist version of Community policing…
The Space Agency/Program policy could also be a good idea - i think it should be very costly,beneficial to GDP in the long run (technology),and have a small possibility to trigger a very positive event ,ex. Mars Expedition etc.
What do you think about it? :question:

Space exploration policies are a great idea. That was one thing I never got around to, but should have done.

Wow, sounds great.

I like the idea of more radical changes, the game seems a little too tame for my liking :wink:

I posted my versions of Private Police Force and Space Exploration policies and corresponding events on the Esnips now. I hope you all like these!

Hum, it says your file is not accessible or has been deleted :frowning:

Are all files inaccessible or only one of them? I tried to download them and it worked.
I am completely inexperienced in file sharing,maybe you know some more certain or errorless or better way to upload these files ?

Zip file with all my mods,i think this will work.

OOps! Sorry,there was an error in one of the files.
I uploaded correct version again.
Sorry for this forum-littering with posts,i`m a lttle scatterbrained person…


now got it. On esnips, nothing whatsoever was available for download.

Now, you’re gonna hate me, but I’m a big 0 in modding… I can picture out where to put the bmps… but where should I put the various txt files? :blush:


And if it works well, you should send it toCliffski, so that we can download it from within the game

agencyclash.txt,deepspace.txt - into folder data/mods/events
ppolice.txt,spaceexp.txt - into folder data/mods/policies
ppolice (ren slider).txt- rename it to ppolice.txt and place in data/mods/sliders, - data/mods/icons
mission15.txt- data/missions
estonia.bmp - data/bitmaps
flag_estonia.bmp,flag_estonia_s.bmp - data/bitmaps/flags

I have altered the Space Exploration to be less unbalancing,and added
Youth Tutelage policy (something like the Big Brothers Big Sisters program by president George Bush,social program aimed at teenagers).

Some early feedback, this probably does need to be confirmed in case I messed up big time with the extracting of files here…

For the Estonia mod, it appears that changing the sliders doesn’t seem to change the values of money, for example Import Tariffs brings the same amount of income whenever you’ve maxed it or not, compared to other countries where the money increases the further you raise it.

As I said, more confirmation is needed, I only got to play a few minutes because I loaded it up at 3am in the morning (don’t ask) and that was one of the first things I noticed. lol.

I have the same issue.

However, I believe it’s not a “real” problem. It would seem that the change it does create is so small (it’s at 0.01M) that it only affects later decimals, wich we don’t see. (say, you can move from 0.01M to 0.014 M)