Feedback galore...

Hey just wanted to report a minor bug, it doesn’t really affect gameplay but it’s annoying, when you choose a restraunt that’s either full or won’t accept you a window pops-up telling you, but when you go to close it, all that happens is it goes behind the restraunt selection window and you must wait until your done with the event to close it.

Also 2 feedback items.

I’ve found that you get robbed far to often, I know you can get a dog/alarm for the house and learn self-defence for street but my character has been robbed 10 times and been almost robbed 4 or 5 times, I’ve never heard anyone having that much bad luck. Maybe just tone it down alittle? (Or maybe add a new item, the most expensive in game, a mansion in a gated commnuity, with almost no crime at all?)

Also some people only have two or 3 things that they like so it gets repetitve fast, ex. my gf and I just rotate between watching the game, eating pizza, palying video games, and having a romantic meal. Maybe as you get to know them better you discvor more they like or they develop taste based on what you do with your other friends so they can ft in. Or at the very least have a list of things they do not like and everything else you get half the kudos? Obviously this would take a while but it’s somthing to think about for the future…


Thanks for the feedback. If you are puny and have no muscles you get mugged more often. You cant be mugged on motorbike or car either.
You do earn kudos every time you do something you havent done before, so sometimes its a good idea to do some unusual stuff, even if its not that popular with your friends. But I take the point that you can get locked into a cycle. I’ll have to think about how to improve on that.

Sounds good, and real quick I just noticed if you try to invite a lot of friends to an event it seems like those last to slots can’t be filled, when you drag a friend on to the slot nothing happens

This happened to me as well, but I realised it was actually that I was just trying to add people that were already there. Don’t forget your close friends may have the same friends as your other close friends. Joe and Jill may both have Bob as a friend. You click on Joe and drag Bob to the event and then when you click Jill you try to drag Bob again - obviously he’s already there so you can’t add him.

After reading your post I very closely created a social event (a trip the theater) and put all my main friends and my acquaintances in the slots. When I had two left, I tried adding another one whom I was 100% positive wasn’t already there however she did not add to the list.

On a related note cliff you may want to rethink the location of the socialize box since you cannot see the complete name of your acquaintance.