Feedback on nebulas

I’m experimenting with backdrops for the next expansion. Let me know your thoughts. Some samples:

It’s tough to get stuff that looks cool, looks believable, but doesn’t swamp the foreground. What do people think of the current game backgrounds?

I love em, look amazing.

I like the first and last of these; the foggy green one looks…foggy and green. Lacks crispness, perhaps?

They look awesome! :slight_smile:

I like. These fit in pretty nicely with the existing backgrounds.

I will admit that the only existing backgrounds that feel (to me) like the battle is in a nebula, rather than near one, are the Emerald Nebula, Gravity Well and Encounter at Andromeda maps. Couldn’t say why.

On a related note, I’ve always liked “The Briar Patch” as a name for a nebula. Just sayin’.

I’ve done some work in GIMP for astronomical backgrounds. Nebulas and planets mostly, although I’ve had a little bit of luck trying out galaxies. One planet I think turned out really well is this one The original one is 2048x2048, and 850K. A nebula that turned out fairly well is right here.

I’ve written a few GIMP scripts to do nebulas, planets, stars, and planetary ring systems automatically. I’d be more than happy to help out and create a few backgrounds for you. If you like either of the ones above, feel free to use the full planet (This is the 850K one) in the game.

Only 3 URLs per message. I assume it’s an anti-spam safeguard?

In any event, here is a jpg of the full nebula (just about 1 MB) from the message above. Again, feel free to use it if you like it, or let me know if you want some other stuff done.

Just don’t use those common Hubble Space Telescope images that a lot of people have already seen. It would look unrealistic and show a lack of effort.

Please think about avoiding too much red or green in the background, as it makes it difficult to see fighters in the red/green mode. Not to mention those who are red/green colour blind, who are I presume, not going to like that feature at all :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good point. I have some awesome nebulas now, that I can’t wait to get in the game, but you’ll see them with the next expansion soon enough. Errr one day…

I am color blind, so I automatically design with this in mind. :slight_smile:

Steal nebulas from real life! People will say holy shit, look at that, what a genius. Only to find thats what the universe looked like back then! Good times to be had for all.
Also, isnt this hard to do for you? Id prefer some DLC with ships and balance, instead of backrounds and effects.

Though, of course, its your game and its probably to take a break from just the engine every once in a while, im sure.

They do look amazing, though.
First one is the best.

Well there is an upcoming expansion with a new race, which means new missions, and I want to make sure they have some really cool backgrounds in them. But from a gameplay POV, it will be all about the new race, their new ships, radiation guns, their new race bonuses. Maybe some other cool stuff…