Feedback on possible improvements

Hey all,

Here are some ideas for positech with respect to adding electorates, new policies and dilemmas…

I think an electorate group of indigenous and/or ethnic minorities would be a good idea (you could consider aboriginies in Australia, N-A Indians in USA etc. and certainly Turks in Germany, North Africans in Portugal and Spain etc.). The addition of these groups would enable you to add new dilemmas and hence new policies to either solve or prevent the dilemmas.

In Australia we are currently experiencing high levels of indigenous violence and intoxication which has become a national crisis so u could make such a situation a dilemma concerning the indigenous pop. And provide policies such as indigenous benefits, indigenous development subsidies etc.

For ethnic minorities you could have racial dilemmas such as riots or an incident of brutal racial violence made public (this would definetly be possible in the scenario of South Africa), or simply illiteracy/poverty of ethnic minorities.

You could have benefits and such for the minorities and could also have a situation where you lose support of patriots if you favour the minorities too much and hence must find a way to balance this out.

Also an important aspect to add-in is a group seperate to the electorate representing other countries’ views of you depending on your style of government which could then affect your income due to trade or the possibility of invasion or increase dissent among national minorities.

Some important policies which would affect the ‘world view’ and the views of the current electorate would be more foreign policies such as an immigration policy and/or corporate global expansion policy (both of which you could control). Eg. here in Australia we have an ultra-conservative immigration policy which is causing dissent among some electorates especially liberals and religious groups especially when coupled with the PM’s baby bonus!!!

I also think foreign intervention such as UN events involving submitting troops to UN peace forces or simply a ‘US-Iraq’ situation should be possible which then affects people’s views towards you depending on your intentions (which could be selected from a list) or the nature and effect of your intervention (which could be randomly generated thus encouraging foreign intervention to become a gamble).

Eleviation of foreign debt or policies/actions to help developing countries could also be an option…this would go down with the socialists.

Also sporting development/subsidies should be added which could increase acceptance of ethnic minorities etc and increase health/general happiness and decrease poverty. Your countries ability at sport could also increase its reputation and thus please your electorates.

Also the representation of different religious denominations and their different demands/expectations would make things interesting.

Lastly, i think the addition of Brazil as a playable state would be a good idea and create a nice challenge especially since the country is the leader of the international committee of developing countries (forgot the name) and has the world’s second highest national debt, it also has huge crime and tourism and its environment namely the Amazon forest could create dilemmas such as the effects of logging/grazing expansion.

So in short this game is a great concept and has the potential for so much improvement.