Feedback on User Interface

Like the game. Great concept.

Just a few minor suggestions for the UI though that would make it a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Lose the giant, 2D cursor. It just screams windows 3.1
  2. Lose the “scanlines” effect on the background in ship design (the line that constantly moves down the screen like an old monitor with a bad refresh rate). I think I see what you were after but it looks naff and its a bit offputting.
  3. Try using a quick transition for pop-up text to make it look less harsh, a fraction of a second of fade-in makes a surprising difference
  4. Rounded corners. All windows, buttons, scrollbars, everything. It just gives a nicer feel to a UI.
  5. It would help in ship design if you could see more details about the modules at the same time for comparison. I’d suggest replacing the “pool of icons” look with a scrolling stackpanel approach showing the icon, name and maybe the cost/weight/power/crew of each module at all times.
  6. Any chance of playing it in a window? I use a dual monitor set up with all my chat, browser etc in the second screen. I’ve got used to just switching back and forth a lot. Also, if I minimise the game right now, I cant get it back, it just maximises as a black screen.

Otherwise, I’m loving it so far. Keep up the good work.

RE: (6). Go to options, deselect ‘full screen’. I have the same problem with alt-tabbing back to fullscreen. It works sometimes, doesn’t other, apparently at random. It’s fine running in a window though, which is how I run it all the time now.