Feedback on what to change / improve. ADD YOUR VIEWS

Ok, we all know that every PC game has patches, so we might as well accept that there will be one. But lets make it a good one. This is to be the official thread for discussing what should be changed / tweaked / fixed / added in any upcoming patches to the game. I promise to read every comment here and consider every suggestion, and will be working on a patch and extra content the moment the game is out the door.

On the practice screen - allow us to hit ‘enter’ to start the session so we’re not trying to reposition our fingers from the mouse to the keypad when the notes start. :slight_smile:

Bug: When you create an album and you have more songs that the list shows (you need to scroll) you cannot scroll down to the other songs.

dang. consider both of these on my list for the first patch. That will also fix a few other niggles such as the hint windows dissapearing the minute you click them, the tooltips being too sensitive to mouse movement and that “fliP” error on some cards when you toggle fullscreen to windowed.

Pretty minor, but can get annoying as game goes on.

I can’t move the pictures that represent the things the band has bought around the screen. Right now I’m having problems to see how many t-shirts I have and my drummer has been buried beneath a sea of clutter.

Courious thing is, I can move things around in the demo, but not on the full game. Go me.

I’m playing on a laptop under windows XP, and had no problems with the demo.

EDIT: Ah, also, when loading a saved game, you cannot go back to the list of special things going on that day, like gigs or going to another band’s concert.

Great game, by the way.



thats totally weird. can you double click items on the screen? is this a one-off? or if you save and quit, then retsrat the game and laod it, does that issue go away? it sounds like some invisible window is ‘eating’ the mouse input.

fixed this, it will be done in the first patch. Cheers.

Rock Legend just ate my Sunday afternoon!

Here’s a few things I noticed that it would be great to tweak…

  • I got them the cheap McDonald’s fries rider and upgraded them to the chicken rider later but they continually kept complaining that they didn’t have a rider. I deleted it and added it again but they still kept complaining, as if they didn’t recognise it.

  • I played through once until the end of the 5 years before starting a new game with a new band. The new band’s name wasn’t recognised (they kept referring to the nauseatingly titled old band ‘XLR8R’ in the song names). The number of years the band had played for was confused as it seemed to start from 5 years and continued until 10.

  • When you buy T-shirts etc. would it be possible to show how many you already have and make it clear that you can continue clicking the +100 button to add more? (I was selling out every gig before I worked out that I could buy a small countries worth).

  • Could the band’s tiredness be shown on the main screen and the ‘beginning of the day’ screen to help reduce the screen switching you have to do?

  • As much as I like the music it was a bit much after 5 hours+ Would it be possible for the game to play MP3’s from a folder somewhere?

  • It would be really helpful if the green buttons at the bottom of the screen had a single word which said what they did e.g. ‘REHEARSE’ as even after a few hours I got confused occassionally (which probably says more about me than it does about the game).

  • If there are no venues who will accept you you can still go to the gig screen and this still forwards time. I think some of the other screens work like this too. You don’t perform an action but time is still forwarded which seems a little unfair.

  • This is probably more of a plea as I am so rubbish at it but it would be great if I could earn a little bit of musicianship for practicing even if I fail but gain more for being brilliant at it. I enjoy the challenge of the musician screen but it stands out as an arcade element in a simulation.

  • Here’s the biggie… It would be nice to see the relationships between the band members, so they could have arguments, fall in love, get pregnant, go solo, get addictions etc. I don’t know if my band were a bit too well behaved as they only had one argument and that seemed to resolve itself.

Cheers for such a fun game. I really like its satirical style.

Hi, I will look into all this, cheers.

I keep having issues where I’ve bought all the equipment available yet the members all want better stuff and keep complaining they don’t have it.

wow you must be doing very well!

BTW the game should coexist happily with any MP3 playing program. you can load up a playlist in windows media player, set it running, then turn off the games music and play fullscreen. Not many games support automatic mp3 streaming because you have to pay huge fees for the licence to play MP3 files ;(

Fixed the band name and year count not resetting, will be in the patch…

Haha, I changed how much they got on a daily basis from $2 to $100 on accident when I meant $10 so I played it through like that just to see how well they could do being rich. :slight_smile:

I have a few problems:

I hate wasting a whole day when I click a screen only to not be able to do anything there.

I want an easy mode that goes to 10 years. I’m having trouble getting far in 5. Or have the ability to do 2 things per day. (It doesn’t take one day to buy an album, or listen to one song.)

If I have to buy my band’s instruments, I want to keep it. In a normal band the individual performer is usually responsible for their own instruments. I hate paying that much and seeing it walk out the door.

Why do I have to be lead singer?

Can CDs I listen to go away when I’m done.

I need signs that a band member won’t be showing up for a gig. I hate wasting a week for them to all of the sudden not show up, and not tell me.

Just added this. I’d dithered about doing it originally, but you are right, it makes things much cleaner.

I would love to see a way to increase hype without having to wait to some Tv or radio to interview the band. My band members see handing leaflets as something shameful after filling some of the biggest venues in town (and having 50.000$ to pay someone to do it for them).

I know company records pay for some advertising, but I only got about a 20% hype after I signed with a company that said its marketing spending was “Good”. Maybe they increase the number of promotional things you can do, but I haven’t seen a change in the number of interviews. I got one “sign autographs” thing, but that’s all.

I would like to have some way of creating the hype rather than have the band react to offers. Maybe pay for a marketing campaign? Hire an advertising agency? Have my guitar player fall from a coconut tree?

Also, some other ideas way less important:

  • the possibility of being any other thing than the lead singer
  • some way to increase chemistry within the group (holidays, a psychiatrist)
  • chance of continuing after the “The end” screen, a la “Kudos”
  • More varied random effects: a record company wants to make a “best of” CD, one band member dies, whatever. Make the game a little bit more random.
  • Some way of keeping track of the other bands in the game. I’m top of the charts or just a wannabe? How is my latest record doing? Bragging rights, but hey, I like to brag.

Some more after I play a little more and find out that all I have say is already implemented, but I didn’t realized.

Love the game and the “Dream Machine” music track. Some feedback.

Also noting that the expensive rider doesn’t seem to have an effect.

I’d like to have a “snap to grid” feature for the icons. I’m a bit obsessive about having things lined up. No idea how difficult this would be.

I’d also like more ways to self-promote. Maybe ads in the local fishwrap or commercials on the radio or television. Perhaps the idea of being supporting acts for other (better) acts could be made. You’d get a small fee at best, or maybe even lose money, but you’d get exposure.

Would definitely like to have the option of seeing my rank on the charts, so I can tell if I’m the local loser band that you hire for the bar mitzvah because everyone else is booked or if I’m the act you get for the prom and are happy about it, or if you are a rock legend like Elvis.

The musicianship minigame seems out of place. Maybe have it so even trying gives you a small amount, but doing well really pays off. Perhaps an option to ignore the game and instead call it a day of practice or lessons?

The meters that show your band performance after a gig are great! Can these be used to show the band member’s satisfaction? Maybe chemistry with other members, their overall happiness, talent, etc.

I know it seems like a lot, but the game is thrilling to me. I blew most of Sunday playing it, so obviously it’s good. Just want it to be great.

Can we have a “delete all letters” for naming things? (preferably the delete key) It’s annoying to have to hit backspace for each letter. Also when I do that for album titles, it doesn’t let me enter my own when I delete all letters in the randomly given name.

This is a great game! I really like the combination of life sim, manager game and “simon says”. And that music has been playing in my mind since I heard it the first time…

Other feedback (of varying importance):

  • Just like CzarTim I’m unable to rename my albums. And a “delete all” key would be nice.
  • Why does the game use 16 bit graphics instead of 32? I have to change it manually avery time I want to play the game.
  • Why does “random name” only give you a first name when making your lead singer? It seems strange, considering that other band members have both first and last names.
  • When asking the game for a random name (lead singer, band, song, album) it would be nice to be able to choose from a list instead of having to go through all of them one by one.
  • When naming things it is for some reason impossible to use special characters like #£&’/( etc… I wanted to make a band called Livin’ for Today, but it had to be Living instead.
  • Maybe it should be possible to choose a personality and/or special writing talent for your lead singer.
  • I think it would be easier to find the right look for your lead singer if they were divided by gender too.
  • I accidentally fired a band member. Being ask if I’m sure would be a great help to avoid that.
  • In the list of random names “max” is written with a small m.
  • Some of the personality combinations seem a bit odd. I once say a musician that was “egoistical, destructive & peacemaker”.
  • What is the recomendations of band members based on when auditioning for new members? They have a tendency to like the worst musicians (the ones with bad skills and negative personality traits) even if they are themselves perfect members.
  • I dont think 5 years is enough to get very far in this game… at least give us the possibilty to continue beyond that.
  • And finally: I would like to have some kind of “hall of fame” where I could see how well (or not) or did in my old games.