Feedback on what to change / improve. ADD YOUR VIEWS


Excellent feedback, cheers. the game should always run in 32 bit color. It certainly shouldn’t default to 16 bit. How are you switching it back?
The band members all have a personality level which is independent of their characteristics. Like a ‘star sign’ or whether they are ‘introverted or extraverted’ etc etc. They offer recomendations based on that (and this also determines how well they get along). That’s entirely seperate from the whole issue of their ability, and their personality characteristics such as ‘destructive’. (two destructive people might get along, or might hate each other).

If you want the game to takelonger, its trivially modded for now. Open up ‘config.txt’ in the data directory, and change this line:


it’s right near the top. It only affects new games though.


A few more things:

  1. a more organized desktop. I know the icons get smaller, but sometimes it’s ridiculous when you buy everything. Having different folders would help a great deal. All cds, all luxuries, and then the band members could still fit on top.

  2. Better CD info, charts, etc.

  3. The ability to produce singles that would be popular on the radio.

  4. Temporary classics, songs that are famous for a short time (boosts cd sell) but the short fame boost would decay over time unless you do another one

  5. The ability to choose the number of merchandise you want, so you don’t have to click buy 100 30 times.

  6. The ability to buy blank cds and record low quality cds to sell only at shows, boosts chance of a record deal slightly, able to then put those songs on a real cd.

  7. I can’t stress this enough, but make it 10 years and/or have an option to continue.

  8. Multi-record deals, with an option to re-sign if you do well.

  9. The ability to go on tour if you have a multi-record deal, with x number of shows in x number of days, no money down, less publicity needed to be done.

  10. Put tracks online, but you get less money.

  11. More ways to publicize. Including having a band web site, and taking out ads on all 3 mediums.

  12. The licensing of your music for movies, tv, mix cds, and games.

  13. the ability to choose a certain genre for each song, cd, etc.

14 choose a play list for shows (blues club gives bonus to jazz songs, etc) so you can premier songs at certain gigs or cds (which gives boost) and cotrol bordem.

  1. get paid for performing on national tv


Please, please, please get rid of the “do you really want to go to main menu” message, or create a hotkey for save and load. There is no bad consequences for going to the main menu, because you can go back into the game if you get there by mistake. It would speed things up a lot.

Already said, but put a confirmation message when trying to fire a band member. I have accidentally fired my drummer 2 times and haven’t realised until I had to go to a gig and couldn’t because he was missing.


I’ve noticed if I leave a game and come back later my desktop is all scattered again. I’m OCD about having things all lined up and in order and it’s a pain to have to rearrange it everytime I come back to that game.


How about the ability to purchase t-shirts, sweaters, and posters in lots of 1,000 or 500?


Spotted a couple of things which I suspect are bugs. I bought the Raid (cheap meal option which the icon is a portion of chips) and later upgraded to the better option of a luxury version instead. Thinking I didn’t need the cheap option any more and saving myself $4 I cancelled the cheaper one. However, once I’d done this one of the band was constantly complaining that they didn’t get grub during a gig any more as if it didn’t notice I had purchased the better option.

Also I’ve noticed that when I was auditioning a new band member that I had two comments from one of the other members recommending which of the three choices to take. Both recommendations were a different person but it was the same band member doing both - a bit of a paradox there.


indeed. Some of these things are easy fixes and I’ll patch them. Some are suprisingly hard, but I’ll work on them!


I have to say I have only played the game through a couple of time so far & I am enjoying it but having played the old Rockstar game I would love to see some of the seadier side of rock added like drug addictions etc.

I like the song writing part of the game but I feel it coule be improved by adding a time limit to this part of the game. The time limit could be based on the amount of insperation you have at the time combined with the band members motivation.

I would also like to see

  1. a regular ranking list for CD Sales & Bands popularity.

  2. other forms of publicity like a band member getting arrested or being killed.

  3. some indication of the bands overall popularity by local area, region, national & worldwide possible by having 4 seperate hype bars.

4 Band members having relationships so if you fire 1 their best friend in the group might quit in protest.

The bugs I have found so far are Albums reverting back to random title even after I have given them a name.

The better quality food not being recognised.

The things a do not like are

1 I find 5 years too short but as it is easy to change this it is not a major problem.

2 I was dissapointed with the end screen as it would nave been nice to have been given more information not just going off money made. I would like to also see total cd sales & how many people attended our concerts (Total & Average per concert) during the game, howmany concerts were sell outs. The reason being it gives you more things to try to beat next time you play.


Hmm thanks for your feedback, some good ideas here…


My explanation of my graphics problem may have been a bit confusing. I’ll try again:
The game runs in 32 bit colour like it’s supposed to. But for some reason I lose transparancy (the cursor is surrounded by a black square), and some text is replaced with white or black boxes. I solved the problem by using 16 bit instead, but it would be nice not having to chance back and forth every time (though it is worth it). I also had similar problems with Kudos.


very strange. what video card do you have? and what version of windows? do you have the latest drivers for the card?


Suggestion :
similar to musicianship, is it possible to have something done so that we can hear the songs we make up ?
I’m not musicially-minded to know what the notes do or sound like :exclamation: :blush:

Introduce the use of arrows/mouse-wheel to save a lot of clicking.

Compose songs : just noticed the arrows for scrolling left and right for the notes :exclamation: :blush: But with the screen size can there be more than 2 rows.

Curious : any particular reason for having more than one currency during game-play ? eg: dollars for auditions, pounds for booking gigs.


Thank you Cliffski for producing another excellent game. Couple of points to mention.

I am having the same problem with the band members asking for better equipment when they already have the best. They also don’t seem to realise when you have the luxury rider until they want better food and then you need to keep both to stop them complaining.


currency thing is a bug, it’s fixed now! What level of fame are you at when they are complaining, yet you arent playing the biggest gigs. Generally speaking if you have run out of stuff to buy, you should e famous enough to play the biggest gigs already. KRL is a tricky simulation in terms of balancing your cash, you need to set aside enough to always be booking the biggest gigs you can fill, it’s ok from time to time to have the band moan a bit :smiley:


In IconPositions.txt there’s a missing closing bracket after Sweatshirts (x
There’s not a value either.

T-Shirts(x100 … no closing bracket either.


A couple of ideas regarding hype.

In the buy menu how about an advertising category. You could purchase different types of marketing for your band. Newspaper, Billboards, Magazines, Radio, TV, Sports Events, etc.

Also for consideration, the ability to hire a publicist. The publicist would be able to obtain your band the better forms of advertising and public exposure.

And an excellent idea for long term hype could be the formation of your bands own website so all your fans can check out your up and coming gig dates. This would be great for successful bands to gain hype.


Getting a flickering at the top and left edges of the game screen.
It’s a pretty solidly occurring problem on this monitor with static game graphics such as splash screens (I’ve coincidentally just had the monitor replaced and it occurred with the last one, too), but normally it’s just a stray white pixel column. Here, I’m getting what looks like a 30Hz flicker on a 60Hz screen.

I’ve taken a screenshot (I have nowhere to post it to. Any suggestions?) and I can see a definite darker line around the top and left edges of the grab of the title screen. I don’t know if that’s part of the artwork, or if it’s my machine doing something with the flickering. I cannot see this line in-game, and I’m assuming it’s occurring on the lines with the flicker.
Can anyone confirm this dark line around the edge if they do a screen-grab?


Okay, I’ve done a whole bunch of extra screengrabs and have found the following:
The flickering is occurring on a portion of the screen that’s visible when running the game windowed.
The flickering is a visible effect in the screen-grabs. I’ve had dark bars and light bars show up.
The flicker artifact seems to be running along one edge first and then along the other. On one of my screengrabs from the lighter stage of the flickering, I can clearly see that the x>1 pixels and y>1 pixels have been shaded in on the same level of brightness, but the x=0, y=0 pixel has been shaded with a double intensity.

Weird stuff


After playing Rock Legend numerous times i find the musicianship mini game hard as my memory sucks. I can get the band up to about 50% and my avatar at about 30% but after that none or little improvement even with all the best instruments.

I have come up with an idea for another version of the mini game for players like myself who find the mini game harder later on. How about less notes to copy but with a timer for you to input the correct sequence. The better your musicianship the shorter the timer.

It could be a reasonable alternative to the normal game. Maybe a new option in the options menu. Choose between playing just the memory game or the time game and maybe a random option for those players who like both so when you go into the musicianship game you don’t know which game you will get that day.


If you’ve got pen and paper, you can cheat your way thru it :open_mouth: 8) :astonished: