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There is NEVER enough time :frowning:


Hellos Cliff & fellow Rockers!

First off… love the game, detail and concept. Yes I am in a band and play both Bass and six string.

My only complaint so far is whenever I get to screens where you can buy things (Studio time, gear, etc) the mouse slows to a snails crawl. Happens no matter which options I choose (Full screen, mouse speed etc).

Totally enjoyable otherwise.

Have fun!



yeah well i recently bought the game, and some improvements i think are needed are:

longer game time, 5 years just isnt enough to get far in the business

someway to make the music minigame easier or provide more experience, i found that after i improve my musical skills i come back a couple of days (game time) later and its all gone back to what it used to be, thats very annoying

another thing, when my band finally does get famous, i dont see why motivation drops suddenly and there is nothing i can do to increase motivation apart from interviews, which come along very rarely, some day to day motivation lifter needs to be included

another thing when bands get famous, there always seems to be a downward spiral with at least one band member that is unstoppable.
i was playing normally was just about to play at the mega dome and my bass player suddenly becomes incredibly de-motivated and quits the band the day before the gig, no warning and it left me speechless as i just bought a brand new bass guitar for him and he was perfectly happy at the last gig

so yes, someway to stop motivation decreasing at a massive rate and same for the music mini game, either to make losing experience a slower one or making the game easier or even giving more percentage of experience for playing


and another thing…what is everyone talking about when they say data directory and config files? i dont have those…i have saved games and mods…thats all


the data directory is in the main program folder which is under C:\program files\kudos rock legend in most cases (unless you changed it)


Hi, I’m new to the game. Just bought it. It’s great. Heartily approve of ease of modding. What to improve? Here goes (apologies if these issues have been raised before).

  1. When I buy ‘riders’ for the band, they complain they have no food - could this be fixed?
  2. Make interpersonal dynamics more interesting/challenging - personality conflicts, unreliable/disruptive bahaviour etc. Perhaps make it more difficult to know if anyone is any good when auditioning them.
  3. More stress factors - e.g. criticism from Music Press. Tours? Could we go on tour??
  4. More euphoria - good gigs, Number 1 hits etc.
  5. Album art for your albums?
  6. More choice of visual styles, perhpas labelled by music type (e.g. ‘punk’, ‘techno’ or whatever).
  7. More options open up with the creation of a hit song?
  8. Why does band fall apart with success? I don’t mind this happening, it’s just I think there should be a realistic reason - otherwise seems a bit odd.
  9. Any chance of getting more music into the game? The music that’s there is great - but just gets a bit boring as the hours roll by. In fact, is it possible to add your own music? If so, how?
  10. Chance to take career in new directions (e.g. film scores, cameo roles in films, TV quiz appearances etc.)?
  11. Separate discography screen?
  12. More personal info on your character? I found it a bit frustrating that I didn’t how my character was feeling about the band or events - at least not in detail.
  13. More artwork - show interior of gig locations?
  14. A kind of gig debrief? Reactions of band members?
  15. interaction with other bands?
  16. I like the music minigame - but could it improve the band’s ability more quickly?
  17. Include a pop music trivia quiz by way of diversion?
  18. Include different managers with different traits/strengths/weaknesses? In-depth contracts that impact on the game?
  19. Include girlfriends/boyfreinds/groupies etc?
  20. I like the idea of achieving a good mix when recording - but maybe your decisions should impact on the band?

OK, that’s enough. I’ve only been playing a day! But the game is already a masterpiece and way better than the corporate crap out there. Thank You!


Love the game, but everything always has room for improvement just to change gameplay or make things a little more interesting

My thought is have (and I can’t think of a better name for this at this stage) a kind of “perk” system. At the start of the game they would be given a chance to “pick” from a list of perks which would give them easier advancement (or less degrade) in skills. Player only gets to pick from ONE perk of course, and although it makes aspects of the game easier, it also should have a drawback so that it doesn’t just make the game too easy.

For example, my perks (and drawbacks) would be:

    **** Virtuoso: band gains [b]musicianship[/b] points far easier (or alternatively, loses it far less quickly in lack of practice).
          Drawback:  hype falls a little each time they practice.
    **** Enthusiastic: Band gains[b] motivation [/b]faster (or loses it less quickly), so band can take full advantage of free studio and crappy promotional movements.
          Drawback: Band get exhausted far more easily as maintaining motivation burns energy.
    **** Energetic: Band gets [b]exhausted[/b] less and therefore can do more gigs - helps build live experience.
          Drawback: Hype takes a slight fall if they do too many concerts at once (as audiences get bored).
    **** Opertunistic: Band can squeeze more [b]cash[/b] out of the gigs and be able to buy things at better discounts than 5%.  Cost less to record CDs and maybe for rehearsal too.
          Drawback: Band are more likely to get "greedy" and want more expensive items.
    **** Inspired: [b]Inspiration[/b] is always much more easy to come across and so there will always be fresh material to write about/record.
          Drawback: Band and fans grow bored of old songs far more quickly.
    **** Hardcore: (most difficult perk) Live experience, musicianship and motivation are up high
          Drawback: Band become materialistic and difficult when things aren't going their way - chances of random "disappearing" acts on gig-nights, destroying venues, and breaking their musical equipment and the effect/lighting equipment.  They might also "fire" your manager or staff without your consent (if this happens you get a 7 day penalty until you can re-hire them back).  

(Of course the latter of the perks would be the one for “hardcore” gameplayers who want a real challenge. Haha!).

Also really want to see the minigame go as my brain isn’t fast enought catch the numbers and remember them past 160 beats per minute. :frowning:


After playing this game for several days, I have to admit … this is the first PC game I’ve been gung-ho about in a while. Very addictive!

Some suggestions …

  1. Perhaps you can make a mod that makes the game playable on a Netbook. I see you can fiddle around with the settings, but I have no idea what I’m doing! It’s OK to leave a message stating that graphics may not be optimized on a very small screen, but if you can somehow make this and other games playable for Netbooks, you might be able to tap into a market here!

  2. I’m one of those who is having a whole lot of problems with the musicianship game. One problem is that I used to play an instrument, and I learned the specific notes by reading them, not hearing them, so trying to learn aurally is hard for me. Maybe some sort of “sheet music” feature that you can buy to improve musicianship … let’s say if you hit 50% on the minigame, you can buy sheet music to keep the musicianship level from declining for a while, and you can improve upon it?

  3. I did find that once I passed five years, my group became the freakin’ Beatles. Not in talent, but in bickering and unhappiness! I know that not every group can be U2, but if there is a way to keep band members from fleeing after five years, that would be nice. No matter what I do, the band members leave! It’s OK if it’s more difficult. After all, how many bands DO break up after a time because they want to expand their horizons? Just not THAT hard.

  4. I agree with those who wrote that being able to create very basic CD art might be fun, even if it’s just picking from a selection of covers. And some sort of chart positions might be interesting, as well, based on the number of CDs you sold. It might be nice to get a vague idea of what music you just created, too, but that might be overreaching here. :slight_smile:

  5. Oh, yes … stick in one more venue that includes a world tour, or at least some sort of “international” site! I like that idea!

  6. A few more music genres might be nice, as well as a way to eventually get features such as “psychedelic” and “slide” without hiring and firing band members. I feel like I’m using the poor things! Maybe you can tie these in with the world tour (you learn different styles in other countries, or you learn from members in another band on that tour), or be able to hire a very imaginative producer (a la George Martin).

  7. More chances to make videos! Now, I know that using a Movies-style technique might be troublesome here (though it would be nice), but it might be fun to have a still shot of the band doing the video. Maybe even have one of the “expensive” video directors do something a bit odd, like dress the band like carrots. (Think of a VERY bad Michel Gondry wannabe.) Or have them dress like carrots in the cheap and cheesy video.

Now, I have no idea if any of these things can even be DONE. But they would be interesting additions if they could be!



This is a really fun game, but I don’t like the mini-game for practicing instruments. It reminds me of that Simon game that came out when I was a kid. (Was it called Simon in the UK too? It was that circular console with the colored buttons on it, and you had to press the buttons in the order that the game gave you.) Anyway, that game held my interest for all of two seconds.

Is there any way you could add an option to play without that feature or an alternative feature? I don’t like mini-games mixed in my sim games unless it’s a word puzzle or something like that. No shoot 'em ups, quick response or copy the sequence games for me, thanks.

Perhaps there could be an Easy/Medium/Hard setting for that mini-game? Or maybe have an option to turn it off and the user can just hit a button that says practice instruments and it costs you money or something.

I don’t know. I just don’t like that part of the game.


Hi Friends,
This is Heary, This is a great and fun game,I really like the combination of life Sim, manager game and “simon says”. And that music has been playing in my mind since I heard it the first time. It reminds me of that Simon game that came out when I was a kid. Was it called Simon also in the UK. It was that circular console with the coloured buttons on it, and you had to press the buttons in the order that the game gave you. But I have to say I have only played the game through a couple of time so far and I am enjoying it but having played the old Rock star game I would love to see some of the steadier side of rock added like drug addictions etc. The game should always run in 32 bit color. It certainly shouldn’t default to 16 bit.

Thanks forever,


Got the demo and that was the first thing i did, it would be cool though to just have a cd player in game though, load a .M3U playlist file into it. I understand the mp3 bit, but surely you wouldnt have to ‘pay huge fees for the licence’ for something to process a M3U/playlist though? They did that for GalCiv over at Stardock as a patch/update and it worked like a charm, some peeps dont have the system power/memory to run things together, Windows Media Player is a system hog, and is crap at running ‘nicely’ in the background. If your going to run a player in the background Winamp is good but you have to know how to ‘tweak’ it for reduced resource hogging, try 1by1 or foobar 2000


Great game though, there has never been enough music manager games, only two i ever thought were fun were The Biz (Spectrum 48K 1985 ish) and A Rockstar Ate My Hamster (Amiga 1990 ish) not to sure about the ‘listen to the sounds and hit the same keys’ though. i can play Simon quite well but cant seem to get on with that at all.

I also read that you have fixed it so the images on the desktop cant be moved, could you not put it into options that the default is not moved with a tickbox? then you could would have the choice, i really prefer to lay them out myself.

How about an ad campaign on the radio and the TV? Maybe even billboards? Fansites that increase your hype? The band to have its own webpage (in game) could put bands bio on there world tours, gig lists etc

Thanks again for a truly great game and for sticking it to the suits as a one man band
(i remember when that was always how it was done, the suits have nearly killed any creativity by not wanting to risk pennies on new ideas, shame, games used to be evolving into an artform, look at EA 20 years ago to what they are now)



To those who don’t like the practice minigame, have you noticed that motivation is increased after you do it? You don’t even have to do it perfectly.


I’ve thought of a couple of things to add:

  1. Some sort of a “battle of the bands” feature would be very cool. Not sure how it would work except that it would obviously affect fame and would be determined on how good the band was making practice even more of a necessity.

  2. Somewhere we can keep track of all of the influences we accumulate to save us from going and seeing the same act over and over again.

This is a blast of a game that I have recently gotten much deeper into. Cheers


I think another thing to change is that when you get to a certain level of fame & you have a publicist & you’re playing in the $7,700 arenas or more you should be offered to promote the band in the following ways:

Local tv, national tv, local radio, national radio, internet, local newspaper or national, local or national magazine. There should be no need to be offered to some days only do flyers or posters. I mean that’s what publicists are for, right!? HELL why are we not offered the choice of having a street team that does the posters & flyers.

You should be able to quit the PRACTICE even though you haven’t done the 4 excersizes.

  • You should be offered to do signing of autographs when you have a new cd come out.

-You should be able to go on tour when you have a new cd &/or it’s summer.

  • Have free gigs at colleges or tour colleges.


I just thought of more things to add to the game to improve it cause I WOULD TOTALLY BUY KUDOS ROCK LEGEND 2!

  1. You should be able to change your appearance more than what you’ve offered. I find it boring that they are rockstars & they are still wearing the same haircut for 5yrs!

2 - groupies & girlfriends can affect the band

  1. Produce more than one video (cheap AND expensive)

  2. Have 2 activities on the day they play (say they can relax & then do the gig)

  3. Someone should have an afro, short dreadlocks, a mullet, a BIG mohawk, a Cesar haircut (beatles, justin bieber type) & a spikes haircut.

  4. When writing the song titles, symbols like question marks or exclamation points or parenthesis should be able to be used.

  5. On the musicianship, you should be able to play what you want with a limit on the notes & get the points if you miss the amount of notes you don’t get the percentage.

  6. You should be able to buy a street team, a website, a promoter, a lawyer, an accountant.

  7. The options once the band gets big for promotions should not include flyers or posters, but rather internet or signings.

  8. Battle of the bands, tour, world tours, college tours & such should be available.

  9. You should be able to release a Greatest Hits Albums, every time you have 10 gold songs (mind you the limit of songs to have would be 10).

  10. Every time you have a new CD out you should go on tour, have tv appearances, radio station interviews, & signings.

  11. Every time my band is huge, the mini game gets hard even though I modified it to play the same melody over & over again. Eventually I can’t really play it, their musicianship is crap, so is mine & I can’t have a good cd put out because of it.

  12. You should be able to pick the kind of music your band plays, say reggae or pop or what not.