Feedback requested on election UI change

A small tweak Im thinking about, unless people think it sucks. Here it is:

Hopefully its obvious…but you tell me…

The right hand ‘non-voters’ bar is now color-coded slightly to show separate chunks for those voters who didnt bother voting wo were likely to have voted for you, versus those who were likely to vote for the different opposition parties. (In this case overwhelmingly the red party).

I think this helps show that it was poor turnout (bad campaign, insufficient donors&members) that lost this election, not policies.
What do you think?


Very cool.
But popularity bar could be more useful if it indicated when you could use electioneering to win.

So currently popularity bar shows amount of people with >50% approval.
Instead it should show average approval (you could add lines every 10% or 20%).
Popularity bar could change colors depending on amount of people with >50% approval.
Red bar - <40% voters want to vote for you, green bar - >60% of voters want to vote for you.
Yellow would be 50% ±10% voters wanting to vote for you.

So yellow (or red if you really want to abuse electioneering) bar in middle of range would indicate perfect conditions to use electioneering.

You mean on the main UI?

Meanwhile maybe this dither pattern looks less messy?


Yeah, I meant on main UI.

And yes, I like new screen more.

I’m not sure I see the point, if you get voted out, you could just click on the any category and it would show you the party screen. There, you can see all the colored dots and realize that you failed to interest people enough to bother voting. And in this specific case, having 47% of non-voters while there’s only a 7% difference between the two party should already be a clue as to what went wrong.

But if I had to choose between the two designs, I’d pick the first one, as it’s far less aggressive for the eye and looks better in general. Even though it creates the weird idea that if voting was mandatory, everyone would vote for a party instead of having some people leaving the ballot blank, either because they’re apolitical or just not passionate about any party.

I like the idea of being able to see whether you lost because of voter turnout. My first game of D4 I was reasonably popular but lost because of low voter turnout and it was pretty confusing at first. Since it seems like there is more emphasis on the elections in this version of the game added UI like this seems good for new players.

I like 2nd dither pattern better but I do agree it is a tad aggressive. Maybe there is some middle ground?