Feedback required on potential new screen

I’m trying to convey more information about the market, and how big different segments are, and how well you are doing:

This would be very helpful considering I really don’t know what my market wants, I like it

What does competitiveness of market 102% mean?

But I like that, and I would assume that those percentages would fluctuate as time progresses. Would be nice to see how many competitors are out there and what they are selling as well. Eventually of course. I know these things take time. :slight_smile:

Great work Cliff.

I’ve experimented a lot more, and think this layout and data is an improvement:

Cool, like that layout better, now if Only I could make a profit on my fully equipped budget cars :slight_smile: Have to keep selling them at -20 to -35 percent

Could you include competitor sales as well? Where is shows That you sold 2, and made 10, maybe show that the rest of the competitors have sold 5 and made 20, then we could see other markets that are selling better and we could try to zone in on them. Just a thought for later stages of development, Maybe by the final release having a tab for each competitor showing their market shares, etc.

is the customers/hour just to our showroom, or universal for our competitors? Is the market share OUR share of that specific segment, or the percent of that segment among all car buyers?

Indeed, those two questions need clearer answers, but space is limited in each block. Market share is a total for that segment, NOT yours. Customer total is the ones visiting your showrooms, most of whom in the show example go away without buying anything (you are not catering to their market segment). I will work on improving this.

I’d like to give you Feedback on that screen, but I haven’t figured out how to produce a car that’s not classified as Budget, so I guess I can’t be a big help here.


…that was unexpected, since the number is associated and in the info box of a given model. Should have been on top of that segment. I thought that most of those numbers are self-explaining, but since I was wrong with market share, I’m not sure about that any longer.

Think that it needs to show your current market share of the overall market for each model you make so you know which fronts to fight on. Otherwise customer foot fall, overall market share for the product type is good.