[Feedback; suggestions] The Great Space game!

Hello, I am really new here but still wanted to share some thoughts with you :slight_smile:

  1. Easy difficulty is easy. Hard difficulty is easy. Expert difficulty is easy. :slight_smile:
  2. The farther the missions go, the easier it gets to win them! This is due to HUGE budget and pilot numbers.
  3. Shields are the only defence tool. Armor is too weak; repair bots “repair” too slowly too (or I do not understand smth).
  4. Just like in EVE Online, I would love ( :smiley: ) to be able to tank using these methods: Shields or Armor or Speed or ECM. Shields could be regeneratable (less defence, but always regenerates, uses a lot of power); armor would act as a buffer (A LOT of defence, but it will never regenerate, will greatly slow down your ship); speed would make enemies’ missiles miss your ship; ECM would randomly turn off weapons or other system like now.
  5. Unlockable items are really good, but there are not enough of them :smiley: I have played on expert one mission and earned 16000+ honour. That should be enough to unlock max 2 items, not 6-8 :D! And unlockables could be something different than already existing weapons or armor. Why not “cruiser combat drones”, or “cruiser remote armor repair unit”, “insta jump drive”, “parasitic nanobot virus infection”, “micro black hole generator”, “weak EMP pulse”? Unlockables also should have Unique names, or higher grade (like Multi warhead launcher mark III). Also unlockable hulls.
  6. The game has the goal: make awesome fleets and then have fun watching the battles! For me personally I like experimenting and putting weird combinations of weapons, engines, etc. So, more items = more replayability.
  7. Range tactics. Now ALL the weapons has generic min/max distance. Why not create weapons that fires from 2000 distance, but does not do that much damage. Or these weapons are REALLY expensive/crew demanding/slow. What about blasters? I would love to see my 0.3-0.5 speed cruiser get close (200 distance) to the other cruisers and only then fire the gun that fires quickly and deals a lot of damage.
  8. Hull bonuses should make THE difference in battle. If my cruiser has 12% armor bonus, combined with armor buffer tank I would get quite a bonus for my ship defence, however shields would demand more power and would not be such a great idea.
  9. Make cruiser weapons do less damage on frigates!!! (decrease tracking angular speed mayb?)
  10. Fleet synergy items. They draw so much power that you can not add any weapons or shields, but they do give your fleet some bonuses.

Well, that is it for now :slight_smile: Actually I enjoy this game 200% how it is now, and would not cry if there were not any more updates :smiley: that’s how I love this game (space geek warning)! Good job, I am a programmer and can not still understand how did you do your job alone lol :smiley:

Bye! :slight_smile:

Many combinations of ships that you suggested are already possible.
I’ve made a few very light Frigate going at 1.02 speed that were mounted with one weapon. They were fast enough to avoid many of the large cruiser weapons, but not the smaller one so I added a shield on them to negate small weapon damage.
I also made a balanced large cruiser with enough armor and engine to move near and then make use of their close-combat blasters. It’s good against long ranged weapons that can’t fire nearby.
With 4-5 armor slots you’ll be able to make a decent tank ship, you can even mount shield to protect it from lasers and then add 1-2 repair bots.

I do agree that the game would require more mission rewards. I managed to buy everything after the 10th mission and just completely annihilated all the other missions on hard and expert (to unlock race). It would be fun to unlock new hulls, as you mentioned ;D

I love creating cheap cruisers. Cheapest hull, cheapest weapons (50% armor penetrating, 50% armor), cheapest engines, etc. And then spam the field with them and watch my victory. :slight_smile:
Yeah, it IS possible to create a lot variations of ships. But even more variation is never a bad idea!