Feedback wanted for mods

Here are some plans/under developments I have for mods.

I would like some feedback to fill in gaps or have some direction.

Emissions Tax - simple, a tax on polluting business. The effects on GDP and environmentalists are quite clear. Anything that should be added to this concept?

Buy Local Campaign
- similar in effect to Tariffs, but as cost rather than an income. Will cut imports much more. I’m wondering about GDP effect though, would it be possible to have a possitive GDP effect when global GDP is low, and a negative effect when global GDP is high? Should it have this if possible?

Secret/Political/Religious Police - Should this be one/two/three things? Costly, but dramatically reduces crime.

Also, some other concepts I would like to know about…

Is it possible to have three or more options for a dilemma?
Can a dilemma trigger a policy?

For example, I thought about a Revolution-in-another-Country dilemma, and you have been asked to help. You have the option of sending in troops in support of the Govt, or in support of the Revolutionaries, or no action.

Doing this would trigger a foreign deployment policy, that would be very costly, but could generate a lot of support from groups, and perhaps a GDP increase in the longer term, securing all the influence and trade with the other nation.

Secret police = Spy organization

Not sure if Political/Religious police should be made, as they too might count as either spies or just regular police (with a lot of funding), but give it a go and see if it works.

To my knowledge. that would be no and no. However, I wouldn’t go with my knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now dilemmas can only have two options ;( That’s another thing I’d change in a sequel…

No, MI5 =/= Gestapo.

I’m looking at making it possible to have the least democractic Democracy possible :slight_smile:

Pity about the dilemmas…

Some people would argue that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s MI5 or Gestapo, both are secret and could perform things people don’t know about and therefore things that people would complain about. If MI5 began acting like Gestapo, there probably wouldn’t be much difference, except for the complete loss of ethics. For that matter, this goes for any other spy organization. The very fact that they operate in secret means that they methods and results are questionable, and sometimes, they do good things, but sometimes, they don’t.

Either way, I have in fact managed to make a really undemocratic country and people still voted me into power. It was strange. I basically put every single sort of police force I possibly could. Every sort of restriction and prohibition. As little education as I possibly could. It essentially completely eliminates the chance of getting assassinated.

Hmm, interesting.

I was favouring a religious police force over just a secret police.
But I decided to open up the three options just to get some direction for it.

Besides, a “secret” police force is more generic… it can include “religous”. So I’d go for that one.

For Buy Local campaign: good idea. Not sure about the GDP… shouldn’t it always favor the GDP to buy more locally? Also, this would obviously make the Patriots happy. And should it frustrate the Capitalists, because it goes against Free Trade, or rather make them happy, for the very same reason?

I wanted to see if it’s possible to have:

low Global GDP = buy local brings up GDP
high Global GDP = buy local brings down GDP

All to do with trading possibilies. But if that’s not possible, it will just bring up GDP.

Patriots: ++
Capitalists: -
Environmentalists = [size=67]+[/size] (Less transport needed, production affected by environmental laws)

Not too sure about the environmentalists.

Perhaps a small bonus for farmers instead? It’s usually the focus of buying local campaigns, and it makes sense for the farmer (doesn’t have to pay to get his goods shipped out)

Alternatively, perhaps self employed? smaller businesses tend to benefit more when the focus is on locally (or nationally) produced goods.

I thought the environmentalists (becuase it’s a policy of the Greens here) for two reasons, one, and it means that environmental standards can be applied, and two, becuase goods travel less, meaning less emiisions. The benefit to them will be very small, and not worth much for them.

Self employed is a good point. I didn’t notice them. :blush:

I won’t be ablt to start these til July anyway, I have exams coming up.

I like the idea of a secret police.