Feedback welcome on some new financial data GUI

I thought it would make sense for players to be able to track the extent to which each imported component (by imported I mean through a resource importer, not made locally) contributed to costs, so have added a new tab to the financial GUI:

The table can be sorted by any of the time periods, and sorting it ‘again’ by the same period toggles between sorting by numbers or by total cost. I’m not sure thats intuitive, but thats how I did it :smiley:
The pie chart should be fairly self explanatory, the tabs let you toggle a combination of time periods and by numbers/costs.

The tabs need some code to distinguish the currently selected one from the others, I’m working on that now. I also think it probably makes sense to scale the whole size of this GUI more for people depending on monitor size. I have 2560 monitors, but its limited to 768 height for laptops right now which is…wasteful :smiley:

Looks like you are addicted to pie charts ;o)

But even with the risk you will curse me: Regarding the shown data I prefer a line graph with some historical values for ‘1 Hour’ (e.g. last 24 hours) and ‘24 Hours’ (e.g. last 5 or 10 days) e.g. to see the benefit of making my own parts. I’ld like to compare up to 5 components for the same reason.
The scenario: After finishing the research projects for Make Wheel, Make Tire and Make Brake it would be great to see the paid amount for Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Steel and Rubber to see the success of saving money by making my own parts. To get it pointed out very clear it would be great if I could switch from a simple line graph to a stacked line graph. So could it be possible to select the main item from the left side and add up to 4 other components via drop down menus?

And here a mockup …


But for the ‘All Time’ it’s fine but could be extended by numbers for value and quantity (and percentages each) in the tool tip per chart fraction. Without the numbers you may hover the mouse over one piece but will hast to scroll the list to see why the slice is so small or big.

I think that the pie chart is going to be an absolute nightmare the more components there are in the game. On the preview above it already is way too convoluted. In my opinion Pie charts only work well for a small (<10) amount of items and if their values are about the same scale.

Hence why I agree with MaN1aC that it probably should be a line graph… and it should only show a graph of the currently selected component(s)… which could be done simply by clicking on a component from the list to the left or so.

I dont know what I was thinking with a pie chart :smiley: Is this better?

I like the last picture. Would be even better if there is a way to adjust the order of the list for amount or cost. So you can have the parts that cost the factory the most on the top or parts you buy the most of at the top. Making it easier to figure out where you can save money.

This is in 1.14 now, and clicking the top of each column swaps between the two sort modes :smiley: