I enjoy the game and wanted to provide some feedback

when you select your party and opposition party it would be nice to have more details about them before selecting them. there are many political parties listed that I do not know much about. Maybe use some of the room on that window to have a write up about each.

when starting it would be nice to be able to pick your cabinet–maybe some countries don’t let you do that or it was a game design decision to add difficulty
It does not seem that my starting cabinet represents expected members of the party that I select

Elections seem to be part of the mix but I don’t get any sense of lobbyist urging me to pass policies and offering election contributions or threats of giving such to the opposition

approving policy political ads or attack ads against opposition running up to the election would be interesting

how do you avoid getting shot other than capitulate and pass policies that the groups targeting you might like?

it would be nice if there was a way to promote a policy to try to at least in the short term raise the popularity with voters but doing so would cost political capital

Hi, the stronger your security services (IDCards, WireTapping, Intelligence services etc) the more likely you are to survive an assassination attempt, if that helps :smiley: Also, terrorists are actually picked from real voters, so if a voter group is reduced in size by your policies, there is a smaller pool from which to recruit terrorists.