Female avatars needed =)

I need some female avatars for my person. Crap at making them myself and dont understand modding at all! :blush: The NPC ones always look much better than the options there are for the person your playing. So if someone could make one it would be great =) or tell me where i can get some because i looked on google and there wasnt any. :cry:

Meaning no offense, but when you go to Internet Updates and hit Refresh, don’t you find a list of downloadable avatars, many of whom are female?

I love the fact that there are added avatars and I know that Cliffski is turning them out as quickly as he can, so this is not a complaint, but an observation and an understanding of where Krystal is probably coming from. Most of the female avatars are a bit…mousy looking, lmao. I think that is why some of us need avatar making 101, lmao.

Mousy? Hmmm…I wonder if it’s a matter of posture. Neither the men nor the women slouch, offer gleaming smiles, etc. I personally find the women rather sexy, but I also tend to prefer that look.