Few Bugs


Few bugs I’ve picked up on:

Once when starting a new game I had an aspiration of “Fall in love with error retrieving npc name 2”.

Every time I get to the first away mission the game freezes and goes no further. Says “processing” in the bottom right corner. The names and figures appear fine, however in the top left “away team 1” box I have my avatar then an empty box to the right with the blue “friendship” bar underneath. Every time I get to this, the names and figures are different, however I can not progress.

I also have had the not-go-to-work bug, and am not sure about the percentages of meeting other folk on certain activities, even with 90% I’ve had more than 1 in 10 visits come back without any interaction.

Hope those help :slight_smile:

In regards to the work bug, i am just gonna quote myself from previous topic as there is a work around for now.

Hey guys! The last update (Beta v0.31) tried to address this ‘skipping work’ bug. If you wouldn’t mind trying the latest version, and letting us know if you still encounter it, that would be fantastic. Thanks! :smiley:

Hey guys – if you were experiencing the skipping work bug, has the latest update (v0.31) fixed it? If not, obviously I’ll take another look. Please let me know! :slight_smile: