Few questions

Is it possible to mod existing events and dilemmas? If so how?
And how can I make policy effect degressive (reverse of 0.1*(x^2)) (e.g. instead of x^2 something like square root of 2, e.g. implementing 10% of policy will raise the education by 20%, but implementing 20% of policy will raise it only by another 10% to 30% and implementing 30% of policy will mean final increase only to 35%)?
Also I’ve been trying to implement corruption situation from the democracy 2, but State Employees effect doesn’t work (but Liberals still affect Economic sanctions properly).

Okay, so I think I can answer your first two questions:

  • I don’t believe it is possible to mod them directly. However, I believe it’s possible to suppress them, and then you can create a new one that is basically the same as the old one with whatever changes you want. To do this, create a new simulation value that’s in the department ‘HIDDEN’ (so instead of ‘LAWANDORDER’ or ‘PUBLICSERVICES’) called something like ‘suppressor’. Then have one of the effects be:
<event/dilemma name>,-5.0+(0*x)

This will prevent this event or dilemma ever happening. Now you can create a new event or dilemma that is a copy and does what you want. You can add a whole bunch of effects like this to this one value to suppress as many as you like.

  • Democracy 3 supports non-integer powers. So you can have 0.1x^0.5, which is the same as 0.1sqrt(x).
  • I’m not sure what you mean by the State Employees effect doesn’t work? Can you elaborate? I’m not familiar with the intricacies of Democracy 2.

have you tried 0.65*(x^0.5)

10% would be 0.1 i think (correct me if im wrong), = 0.2055 which would be like 20.55% in-game
20% / 0.2 = 0.2907, 29.07%
30% / 0.3 = 0.3560, 35.60%
100% / 1.0 = 0.65, 65%

not exactly what you asked for, but close
since my math is not the best i could be wrong. take nothing for granted^^

Thanks for the answer. By State Employees effect I mean, that happiness of State Employees should affect whether situation is triggered. E.g. If State Employees are 100% happy, Corruption situation will be much less likely to trigger. If they are very unhappy, the chances of triggering the corruption will raise. The code from Democracy 2 for corruption looks like this:

#,corruption,Corruption,"Our country is plagued by high levels of bribery in all spheres of social life, suspicious and usually illegal connections between political and business life,and unfair,inefficient transactions. In the long run,this will hurt both the image of our party,and our economy,and most of all it destroys the spirit of democracy.",TAX,sit_icons_corruption.dds,Level of corruption in our departments have risen so that it became a major social problem.,Good news! Transparency International reports indicate that corruption level in our country diminished to acceptable levels.,0,5000,0,"_default_,0.3+(0.0*x)","BlackMarket,0.1+(0.2*x)","Organised Crime,0.15+(0.3*x),2","CrimeRate,0(0.15*x),2","StateEmployees,0-(0.15*x),4",#,"_All_,-0.1-(0.1*x)","Poor,0-(0.15*x)","GDP,-0.05-(0.2*x),4","Equality,-0.1-(0.25*x)","Conservatives,-0.1-(0.1*x)","ForeignRelations,-0.05-(0.08*x)"

Hmm, this should still work? Certainly, StateEmployees is the right variable for state employee happiness. When you say it doesn’t work, what is the problem exactly? Do you get an error, or something?


I donť get any error. But it shows that State Employees affect corruption by 0% regardless of the actual happiness.

Okay, so after a little experimentation, this appears to be because of the ‘,4’ at the end of the StateEmployee input line. Remove the ‘,4’ and it works fine. I don’t think Democracy 3 really likes having lags on its situation inputs? Or possibly just doesn’t work with voter happiness.

Thanks for all the answers.
I have just one more question. Is there in Democracy 3 any kind of shortcut similar to ctrl + shift + s/e/d in Democracy 2 to see all the situations/events/dilemmas and their chances of happening and influences on that? It would be very helpful with modding.

btw I tried that and it doesn’t work.