Few suggestions

What’s up. Just bought the game this morning. As an actual controls engineer for Fanuc robotics I have to say this game is pretty fun. It pretty much consumed my entire Sunday (I logged 8 hours according to Steam). Anyway, I have a few notes/suggestions that may or may not be bugs.

Running version 1.22

  1. How do you delete old car models? I see you can archive them but they still show up my income list.
  2. When you reduce the sale price premium of a vehicle down past negative 90% it starts incrementing by 1 instead of 5 but when you go back up it gets a little off and goes from 95 to 94 before it starts incrementing by 5 again. Thus you can never get back to 0, 5, 10, etc. You’re stuck with 1, 6, 11, etc at that point.
  3. No matter what I do none of my vehicles seem to have the start/stop engine. I’ve researched it and started producing it but none of my vehicles get it.
  4. When the regular sunroof becomes a universal option shouldn’t the Panaramic Sunroof cancel the penalty for not having a regular sunroof?
  5. How do I unlock the Marketing Dept or QA Office?
  6. When building conveyors if you click the demolish button you get both the build conv and demolish actions going at the same time.
  7. When an event occurs (like research completing) while running the clock at high speed I think the clock should default back down to regular speed (just a suggestion).
  8. Another suggestion, getting to 0 money should not be a game ending event. Should be allowed to go into debt or at least have some amount of time to recover.
  9. There’s no way to close the save window without saving.

That’s it for now, sorry if some of these are already posted somewhere. Love the game, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

One other suggestion would be to create some kind of list of built cells. Specifically for the cells that manufacture components (Make seat, make servo, make engine block, make window, etc). After awhile your factory can get so large that it becomes difficult to track what manufacturing cells you’ve built and which ones you still need to build. So having a quick reference would be nice.

Also changing the import priority settings of each cell individually is somewhat cumbersome. A global priority setting would be nice.

  1. Make sure that the drivetrain slot is set to ‘prefer local’ so that it fetches the start-stop engines instead of importing them. Or if you have done that, make sure that the engine control units are manufactured with start-stop tech. Also make sure that the car models have start-stop selected.

  2. Agreed.

  3. Not actually added to the game yet.

  4. Yeah, the game should preferably pause when you get a popup message. I’d also like a log of the notifications and messages for referencing purposes. If you just notice that a notification faded away in the lower right there’s no way to find out what it said.

  5. From what i remember, I could exit the save menu by pressing the Escape key, but i agree that there should be a GUI button to close without saving.

Arthemax, I will try your suggestion for the start/stop engine, thanks. I believe I had done everything you said except the ‘prefer local’ part. That could definitely be the issue. I did notice even with my manufacturing I was still importing a large number of parts.

And I agree with the message/popup log, especially for when you get done researching something. It becomes tedious to try and remember what upgrade you just finished and where it’s located in the production line.