Few suggestions.

Ideas for modules:

  • remote repair/recharge, so a support ship can repair/recharge a ship within x range of it.
  • a long range direct weapon (950-1200) with weaker damage.
  • a weapon range extender (50-150 depending on what seems balanced).
  • shields that reflect damage to the attacker, much weaker than normal shield but can reflect specific attacks.
  • Warp drive, moves a ship much faster for x seconds. Usage linked to ship commands, e.g. with cautious used to escape.

More weapons/defensive modules and the like as well.

Map/Overall suggestions:

  • Adding the ability to buy and use factory ships that produce ships, only use-able on specific maps and the assumption is the enemy will also use these type of ships. The ships produced can be frigates and fighters for now and the amount produced and at what interval is based on the factory ship modules.
  • Maps that have obstacles. Which presents an option of adding/modifying weapons to shoot over/under those obstacles, while others cannot. Obviously for balance purposes the weapons which have that advantage will be weaker (range or damage) when used on that map.

Hi! I know its hard to follow the forum but when it comes to suggestions&requests maybe its more convenient for all of us to create one post!

It could be difficult to discuss separate ideas in one massive thread.

Maybe a better solution would be to make a suggestions subforum so you can find all the suggestions threads in the same place without doing a search. I see half a dozen suggestion threads floating around on the main forum right but I doubt it will be easy to find them again after they are buried in a few weeks. Then again, maybe all suggestion threads are destined for the airlock after a few weeks anyway. :wink:

I really like your ideas, especially the warp drive module. I’m tired of having to set my ships to run away when they have very little damamge just because if I set it any different, they’ll be destroyed by the time they turn around and escape.

WARP AWAY! WARP AWAY! (Monty python and the holy grail reference)