Fields Aren't Checked For Validity When Loading Deployments

There are two values I found that weren’t checked for validity when loading deployments. Firstly, the total number of pilots. I was able to put many more fighters than allowed into a deployment, and have the deployment still be usable.

Second, the deployment position. I was able to make a deployment that started all of the fighters on the enemy side of the map.

These work in challenges as well. See the challenge “Testing Deployment Bug - Hope You Like Fighters”

shipid = 1
name = Falcon
design = rebel-fighter
pos = 3000,1798
quantity = 559
angle = 90
behaviour_0 = ATTACK_FIGHTERS,-1,0.80,200.00
behaviour_1 = ATTACK_FRIGATES,-1,0.40,200.00
behaviour_2 = ATTACK_CRUISERS,-1,0.20,200.00
angle = 90


It’s certainly… interesting to find yourself on the field against that many fighters. Some heavy armour and a repair system or two seems to do the trick though.