Fighter count, and better percentage colours

Two interface improvements I’d like to see:

  1. A numerical count of how many fighter-sized craft I have and how many the enemy have. Visual feedback works well for frigates and cruisers, but fighters are just fast-moving little things and on the mini-map they’re cloud-like pixel swarms. I’d kinda like how well I’m doing at decimating their fighters, using interceptor fighters, anti-fighter frigates, or anti-frigate weapons on my cruisers.

  2. The two percentage values in the upper left and right corner change colour according to who is on top, with regards to this particular score (which I believe is hull+armour hitpoints), but it changes too aggressively. As soon as one side is a mere 0.001% ahead of the other, the other side’s goes red. In theory you should have a situation where the colours flip-flop between red and green every few seconds for several minutes.

That really doesn’t tell me anything much, and ought to be switched to a traffic light colour scheme, starting with a mostly-equal-zone of green colour. For instance if my percentage is within 5 percent (not percentage points) of the enemy’s, both should be green. If I’m between 5 and 15 percent behind the enemy, mine should turn yellow/amber, and if I’m more than 15 percent behind the enemy, mine should turn red. Likewise if the enemy falls more than 5 percent behind me (measured against original percentage, of course) his should turn yellow/amber or red while mine stays green.



Especially the fighter count. That’s a genuinely useful piece of information.


I do like the idea of a fighter count. Just to have the number of fighters remaining in battle would be useful information, rather than trying to guess at how many squads are remaining of fighters.

Yes, but it has to be the actual number of fighters, not the number of squads that haven’t been completely destroyed yet. and what I’m most interested in is knowng how many fighters the enemy has left: I want to be better able to know if my anti-fighter methods are working or not.