Fighter Orders

Unless someone can tell me how to do this I would love to have an option for fighters to break formation in the event that they or other ships in fleet are attacked.

What I mean is this. I cannot successfully tell my fighters to stay in formation of a ship in my fleet and break formation only in the event of the opposing fleeting attacking them or the ship I have them in formation with. I hate them rushing into the fray without the formation or escort order. This results in them staying stationary near my fleet but basically becoming sitting ducks.

So and order of: Break formation: In the event of another ship attacking what I am escorting or formation around would be awesome.

If there is currently a way to do this please tell.

This is not exactly what you want but it may work for you. Either

  1. Give the fighters the ‘Escort’ order and set the distance to the maximum 600. They’ll attack as soon as a suitable target comes in range but will also keep near the fleet.

  2. Use the above and attach them to a sacrifice frigate. As soon as that is destroyed the fighters will break and engage as per their other orders.

yeah agreed… this works with escort on fast frig groups as they tend to be ahead of your main fleet there for draw agro… then you just make a few anti fig units to hang out with the slow stuff for the strays chasing your wounded birds…i generally have 2 anti fighter figs in formation with my carrier’s as they are the second most likely place for a fighter mob to turn up fist being forward units

Well, there is not much sense on wat u want to do, cuz the escorted ship will always be the first attacked ship, not the fighters (only when fall in range of the attacker ship, but after all the main fire will be on your bigger ship). BTW the formation and escort orders needs a serious re design, on fighters escort and formation works almost good, in the sense that fighters will always keep moving and attacking, but on frigates and cruisers is horrible to put escort or formation orders on em. Only if u have tactic ships like shield support beam carriers or something u can make tactic formation and scort orders, but i hate when u put a escort order on a ship and once the escorted ship is destroyed, that ship gets stuck at his maximum attack range weapon and it dies very very fast. If one day clinfski makes the formation and scort orders suitable with keep moving , then we will see -.-