fighter shielding

why ? because of the heavy fighter hulls ( patrol ships ) hopefast has been making, furthermore a lot of space combat flight sims have them ( or you’d be space dust) and of course all fighters in the star wars universe exept the tie fighters, this would also be interesting because they would unlike armour require power, something wich usualy is a limiting factor in fighters wich would have them need generators wich ae heavy thus making fighters slower, but unlike armour they can recover from minor hits ( unless sustained for longer periods.)

I’ll be adding these in my Shadow’s Edge mod, all the fighters get a bit more customization and if its possible I’ll be giving them the capability to have shields.

okay, cool :smiley:


I like this idea conceptually - why couldn’t we build a shield generator small enough to fit under a pilot’s ejection seat?

However, I also find myself looking at the fighter hulls available and wondering how useful said shields would be at the moment. There are very few fighter hulls - even with 5 races to choose from - that would easily take to having one more module with power requirements. I already find that some of my laser fighters are suboptimal primarily because I have to shoehorn a generator in there. Might not a shield generator expand that sort of problem to rocket and torpedo fighters as well?

Just a thought. As I say, I like the idea. But perhaps its time has not yet come.

and thus even the playing field XD


Unfortunately I don’t recognize the term/name “hopefast” and as such could not simply assume you were speaking of a fellow player. Because assuming is rude. At least when I do it. :slight_smile:

Well see I kinda just jumped in here and said In my mod we’re…

My mod is actually (for now) a huge overhaul to fighters, they require crew just like everyone else now (Cockpits one and two man) and can have a ton of new modules available. Some hulls got one or two new normal slots/weapon slots so you’d have the capability to support a shield generator just might not be able to have all those guns you’re wanting as well.

there is a modding forum you know?

there is a modding forum you know?[/quote]
I am aware. However I have neither the skill, the patience nor the inclination to indulge in modding. Just not my thing, doesn’t interest me at all. So obviously I don’t frequent that forum. Or in fact read it at all.

same, I can’t mod. But I like the idea for fighter shields.