Fighter Shields

Fighter Shield are great for making sure that your fighters actually stay in the batle long enough to use those weapons f yours. I dont pretend that I invented them, that woud be Darkstar,i think. But just one problem makes them neary useless, and that is that Repair Bays don’t recharge them. I was wondering if that were possible or if I am simply talking ****. Please tel me.

Once shields go down, they stay down for the remainder of the battle.

The only exception is the campaign. They still stay down for the remainder of each battle but will recharge in between campaign battles.

Well, darkstar didnt invent anything is as easy as changing the type ship size value on the txt file (everyone can do it, in fact i did it long time ago).

Fighter shields, cant be repaired, and if a fighter goes into a carrier bay with the shields still active, the fighter will leave the carrier bay without shields. Its a bug that for now, we cant do anything about it.

While the issue of whom deployed fighter shields first in a public avaliable mod is irrelivent, i do appreciate the tip of the hat in my direction. But yes, it would be rather nice if the carrier bay would recharge the shields when depleted or leave them alone if not since it would increase the survivability of fighters.

The other thing i had noticed when modding, it is not only the shields that have a problem with the carrier bay but the armour as well. If a fighter enters the carrier with damaged armour it will not be repaired on exit.

I have let Cliff know the problem and he is aware of it. However the question comes down to if he will have enough time between the campaign and the new G4 game to fix all the minor issues that have been reported to him.

Pray tell, for what do i owe the honour of this attack on my good name ?

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Sorry if that sounds too rude xD, we can re-invent some modules (and they will be still no “new” just new versions of existing ones) but the “fighter” shields are already invented by the game developer xD, the only thing u need to to is to put em on a fighter.

Darkstar, did i attack u?? omg << sorry man… -_- l.o.l.

As a veteren modder, I alreay know that we can only use what is in the game already hence (as you put it) cant invent something new. But your statement of this fact was rude and offensive. However i accept your appology as it seems that you did not intend for the statement to be insulting.

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BTW I am not having the armor bug. Whenever a fighter of mine goes in it comes out with full armor. Or maybe thats because I can’t be stuffed modding fighter armor, like i care, cos once their shields are down they’re useless.

BTW again has anyone heard of AstroEmpires? not trying to advertise, but one of its main flaws is that the ship battles are fought instantly and u dont get get to see them, just some figures in the outcome. So whenever I have a battle on AE, I make it happen on GSB!

little off topic there.

I think that guy doing the Shadow Race mod must have died, or something, so if anyone knows him can they please jab him with a pointy stick? He hasnt spoken a word to me since i sent him my modules and I think he had a heart attack at the awesomneesss level of them.



i think they’re talking about shields, not armor