Fighters and targeting


So I’m trying to figure out targeting orders. I can get Fighters to engage one group as I want them to, but then if they destroy all the nearby fighters, they don’t go to the next nearest fighters… they just stay where they’re at and start attacking Frigates and Cruisers. Say there’s another swarm of fighters surrounding their ship way at the other side of the map, is there a way to force my fighters to break off and go hunt down the farther fighters? I can’t get em to do it…


Right click the ‘Attack Cruisers’ and ‘Attack Frigates’ orders. That will remove them from the list and they will totally ignore them.

Ah, cool, thx.

Followup question… I’m assuming this works for all your ships, but when I remove “Attack Fighters” from my cruiser orders, they’ll still waste time chasing stupid fighters all over the map when there are cruisers and frigates that they should be concentrating on… does removing “Attack Fighters” behave differently with regards to cruisers?

They shouldn’t be chasing the fighters if you have it removed. They should fire whenever a fighter gets in range but thats it. Maybe if you have other orders like retaliation or protector might confuse things a bit.

If there are no other valid targets left though ships will go after anything that pleases them.


Hmmm I’ll pay close attention tonight and see if I can pin it down… but there have been lots of times I’ve seen Cruisers chasing fighters, to the point of actually using slow-moving missiles against them to no effect when there are other, meatier targets they should be going after. I’ll see what I can figure out.

Thx for the help guys!

Remeber that orders are individual for each ship! You can right click and do ‘Save Orders’ and all the ships with that design that you will place afterwards will have those orders. If not, you can drag select or CTRL-click on all the ships you want, and add/remove orders normally.